Yada’ Yah
Volume 7: The Last Days
...Deceit, Destruction, and Death
Laqat – A Small Secondary Harvest
Yisra’el’s Fate...

Millions of Christians have been beguiled into believing that the promises God made to the people they call “Jews” have somehow been transferred to their church. Many even believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, and is thus uniquely blessed by God as part of this transfer of allegiance. So convinced are American Christians that they are the apple of God’s eye, most believe that there must be “biblical” prophecies pertaining to their ultimate triumph. As evidence of this, the American-conceived and twenty-million strong Church of Seventh Day Adventists was born out of Ellen White’s prophecies regarding this impending victory. And among American evangelical Christians, no topic is more appealing than their role in eschatology. This is borne out by the popularity of the Left Behind series of religious novels.

Even Mormonism, with six million American members, bears this stain. Deceived into believing that “Jews” abandoned Israel and sailed to the New World several thousand years ago, becoming the native peoples, this American religion of “Latter Day Saints” is predicated upon replacement theology. Even politically, the myth that devout Christians emigrated from Europe to America for religious freedom, creating a “Christian nation,” belies the realization that many were more savage than any of the Native Peoples whose land they stole. And this American propensity to confiscate land which belongs to others will loom large in what follows.

As we have discovered throughout Yahowah’s witness, God remains steadfastly and eternally focused on Yisra’el. He only mentions other nations when they interact with His Land and Chosen People, most often using the occasion to expose and condemn the choices and behaviors of Gentiles. And it is in this vein that there may be a prediction which specifically identifies America, albeit in the midst of a horrible storm. But if this is true, then the United States is implicated because it has armed the Muslims who will besiege Israel, and worse, has sought to give the land of Israel to its enemies. In essence, the U.S. is attempting to repeat the mistakes of Neville Chamberlain when the leader of Great Britain lit the fire that became World War II, sacrificing Czechoslovakia to the Nazis in the name of peace.

Since Yahowah’s portrayal of the United States is so unflattering, before we analyze it, be cognizant of the fact that Christians, like most Yisra’elites today, are estranged from Yahowah because they have consistently chosen religion over relationship, and the doctrines of men over the teachings of God. This reality is presented in the Going Astray Volume of Yada Yah, comparing Howsha’s Yisra’el to today’s America.

The reason most of those living in the United States are doomed, and many are damned, is because the religious, political, military, economic, societal, media, and academic agendas are misleading and counterproductive. The Western world’s leaders have a scarred conscience, and they in turn have sought to destroy their people’s ability to exercise good judgment. They have achieved this condition through the imposition of Political Correctness – an amoral code that negates rational thought. This is devastating because without the exercise of good judgment, it doesn’t matter how much a person knows, because they are rendered incapable of understanding. This in turn negates the benefits of freewill. The imposition of Political Correctness thereby makes the masses easier to mislead, to manipulate, to control, and to fleece.

Without accurate information or the ability to evaluate it, freedom becomes irrelevant. When the ability to choose wisely is obfuscated by either ignorance or irrationality, people become like domesticated animals, incapable of knowing God or discerning right from wrong. They are easily prodded and thus corralled and controlled. Societies degrade as a result, a condition ripe for the imposition of dictatorships. Terror and carnality rule, because those who neither know nor understand are prone to obey those in positions of authority.

In the past, Catholic, Muslim, and Communist controlled societies have used a common ploy to negate freewill, and thus manipulate the masses: they have withheld information through censorship. Such nations are known for their tyrannical control over the media, and for indoctrination and propaganda. And those who dared to reveal the truth in such nations paid the ultimate price. Accurate information was so lethal to those who were empowered, they eliminated the sources.

 But when the printing press, and later the internet, arrived, keeping the masses ignorant became especially difficult. Recognizing this problem, Adam Wieshaupt, the founder of Socialist Secular Humanism, conceived as part of his religion of enlightenment in post-Reformation Europe, a new moral code which made exercising good judgment a crime. So as information became ubiquitous, mankind was trained to disregard, even disdain, anything that was in conflict with what would become known as “Politically Correct.” Schools, once places that encouraged logical decision-making, rendered their victims incapable of it. Political Correctness thereby enabled elitists to establish the foundation for their desired master-slave new world order by turning the people into “sheeple.” Wieshaupt’s new moral code ultimately rendered being judgmental, being discerning and discriminating, even being rational and moral, a crime against humanity – an act so vile there would be no defense. Truth would no longer be relevant. Logic would no longer matter. Evidence and reason would be rejected in favor of the universal good.

From this point on, no matter how irrational, all opinions, all cultures, every religion and political system, even the most abnormal behaviors were accepted, even respected—regardless of how contradictory, how errant, how immoral, or worse, how overtly destructive and deadly. In the world of Political Correctness, there would no be right or wrong, no heaven or hell. So even with all of the world’s knowledge at one’s fingertips, it would no longer do anyone any good, because without the ability to be circumspect, good and evil, truth and fiction, became indistinguishable.

This, as much as anything, is the reason America is depicted so negatively. No matter how many religious and political lies are exposed and condemned, the people’s collective nesamah / conscience has been too scarred for the truth to do any good. Hope is now only personal and individual.

According to Yahowah, the overwhelming preponderance of people will miss the harvest the Christian faithful errantly call “the Rapture.” They will be left behind. But this will not occur in a vacuum, nor have we been left unaware. Through His prophet, Yasha’yah, Yahowah has revealed one of the most profound, detailed, pertinent, and devastating prophecies pertaining to our time. It is one that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain a generation ago – prior to the playing out of world events as they were predicted so very long ago.

The prophetic book named “Salvation is from Yahowah,” or Yasha’yah, is compiled both topically and chronologically. It opens declaring that Yisra’el will continue to be religious, and thus rebellious, at least until the last possible moment. In His review of relevant future history, Yahowah focuses on the role His Set-Apart Spirit and His Most Set-Apart and diminished corporeal manifestation will play in fulfilling His promises. Called Yahowsha’ / Yahowah Saves, Imanuw’el / God With Us, ha ben / the Son, ‘el / God Almighty, ha tuwr yasha’ / the Rock of our Salvation, and ha Ma’aseyah / the Work of Yahowah, these titles portray the means Yahowah has and continues to deploy to enable the benefits of His Covenant. Specifically, He fulfilled the first four Miqra’ey / Invitations to be Called Out and Meet with God in Year 4000 Yah (33 CE). His return will occur in Year 6000 Yah (2033 CE), when He will fulfill the promises of Reconciliations and Tabernacles. And at that time, in the midst of His prophetic eyewitness account of the most important days in all of human history, through His prophet, Yahowah predicted that a remnant of Yisra’el and Yahuwdah would return to Him and embrace His Name, His Towrah, and His Covenant during the last days. The vine which is Yisra’el will bear fruit again. The Covenant will be restored.

Yahowah’s sixth and seventh appearances were predicted in the awe-inspiring language of the 9th chapter of Yasha’yah, at a time that Assyria was predicted to be the implement used to chastise Yisra’el for the Northern Kingdom’s infidelity. By the 11th chapter, the prophet returned to the cure: the Spirit of Yahowah. But since there is an adversarial spirit, the 13th and 14th chapters explain the actual nature of ha Satan – revealing his most enduring deceptions: the political and religious schemes of Babylon. The Adversary is introduced by name for the first time. He is Heylel ben Shachar, a fallen messenger whose ambition is to be worshiped as the Lord God.

With the stage set, and the players identified, Yasha’yah was inspired to chronicle the fate of nations. This begins in the 15th and 16th chapters with a depiction of Moab, which is Jordan. The destiny of this Islamic country is not encouraging because fundamentalist jihadi Muslims despise Jordan for its willingness to negotiate with their most hated enemy and also for being a secular state. Therefore, on their way to destroy the Zionists they have been indoctrinated into despising, Islamic mujahedeen will trample Jordan underfoot, leaving death and desolation in their wake. And while that is what the prophecy reveals, the propensity of Muslims to abuse Muslims is so poorly understood in the West, this predictive testimony may not seemed credible to some – at least prior to the carnage the world is witnessing in Syria. But having compiled a 1400-year history of Muslim malfeasance (chronicled in the Islamic Terrorist Timeline available at www.ProphetOfDoom.net), I have come to appreciate why Jordan can opt out of the Magog War against Israel, and yet be destroyed, not by Yahowah or Yahuwdym, but by fellow Muslims.

This inhospitable tendency of Muslims to abuse, rape, terrorize, and murder their brethren was first predicted in the Towrah. A messenger of Yahowah, speaking of Ishmael’s descendants, was sent to convey the following assessment: “Then (wa) the messenger (mal’ak) of Yahowah ( ) said to her [Hagar, Ishmael’s mother] (‘amar la), ‘Massively numerous (rabah rabah) will be his offspring (zera’), too numerous to count (wa lo’ capar min rab).’ (16:10) So (wa) the messenger (mal’ak) of Yahowah ( ) said to her (‘amar la), ‘Pay attention to this (hineh): You are pregnant with a son (charah wa yalad ben). Call his name (qara’ shem) Ishmael (Yshma’’el). Indeed (ky), Yahowah ( ) has heard (shama’) of your affliction, your poverty and misery, your prostrate and wretched nature and utter dependency (‘el ‘ony). (16:11) Therefore, he (wa huw’) shall actually and continuously be (hayah) a wild ass (pere’) of a man (‘adam). His hand (yad) will be against everyone (ba ha kol) and everyone’s hand will be against him (wa yad kol ba). Also (wa) in opposition to (‘al) the presence (paneh) of all of his brothers (kol ‘ah), he will continue to live (shakan).’” (Bare’syth / In the Beginning / Genesis 16:12) This is evident today in Syria, where Sunni jihadists are at the throats of the Shiite establishment. But it is also pervasive in every Islamic country. Even if the entire world were to submit to Islam, the carnage would continue unabated.

The Syrian War is currently the world’s bloodiest, with the death toll over two-hundred thousand and rising rapidly. There is no end in sight. And that is because it is actually a proxy war, whereby the Sunni fiefdoms of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, in league with Turkey, Europe, and the United States, are arming mujahedeen in a desperate attempt to stem the rising tide of Iranian Shiite influence in the Middle East, with nations drawing red lines in these shifting sands. Russia and China, as a result of their desire to retain their pipeline access to the massive Caspian Sea oil and gas reserves, are on the side of Iran, and thus Syria. It is the one conflict in the past fifty years that has the potential of combusting into a global firestorm.

The catalyst for this war was the misguided and counterproductive American invasion of Iraq, whereby the U.S. deposed a secular dictator and replaced him with a puppet government, one controlled entirely by the Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani – an Iranian mullah, effectively giving Iraq to Iran. With the gift of their former enemy, Iran’s influence in the region surged, and through their militia, Hezbollah (Allah’s Party), the Shiites in Teheran have gained control over Syria and Lebanon, which along with Iraq, provides them with direct access into Israel – the nation they have publicly vowed to destroy. In these events, we are witnessing the preamble to World War III, a war which is currently being throttled by events in Damascus, where Sunni mujahedeen are now killing fellow Sunnis as readily as Shia. These realizations explain why Yahowah chose to commence His prophecy regarding the impending Islamic assault against Israel as a result of America’s meddling throughout the Middle East, and especially in Israel, with a reference to Damascus – the capital of Syria and the site of the world’s worst infighting.

In theory, the siege of the city by Sunni mujahedeen is designed to unify Islam and reestablish an Islamic Caliphate. This, these same Muslims hope, will serve as the triggering mechanism for the final Islamic conquest of the world. Known as the Magog War prophetically, this unified Muslim assault against Israel will reach tsunami proportions in 2027 during the first full year of the Tribulation. The assault against the Promised Land becomes so horrific, Yahowah has to intervene to save His people.

But this, according to the prophecy, is the calm before an impending storm, one in which America is not only implicated, but also admonished by God. As we move from the 17th to the 18th chapters of Yasha’yah, the United States is criticized for its propensity to fight, for its tendency to take what belongs to others, for its arrogant attitude, as well as it moronic and immoral rhetoric. God is not pleased that Americans have supplied many hundreds of millions of dollars of advanced weaponry to those who will use this arsenal in an attempt to destroy Israel.

Before we begin to dissect the 17th and 18th chapters of Yasha’yah / Isaiah, since Damascus is cited at the commencement of this prophecy, it behooves us to do our homework. The first mention of Damascus in the Towrah is in conjunction with Abraham. In Bare’syth 14:15, during the formation of the Covenant, he dispatched some of his associates to Hobah on the western outskirts of Damascus to rescue his nephew, Lot. Then we read by way of the reference to “‘Ely’ezar of  Damascus (Dameseq),” that those associated with Damascus, even with a connection to Abraham, no matter how much they crave the inheritance God promised His Chosen People, these descendants of Yshma’’el and their supporters will be denied. Yah said: “Now pay attention (wa hineh – and behold), the Word (dabar) of Yahowah came to him (‘el – to Abraham) to say (la ‘amar), ‘This individual (zeh – speaking of ‘Ely’ezar), he shall not (lo’) receive your inheritance (yaras – be your heir).’” (Bare’syth / In the Beginning / Genesis 15:4)

While Abraham’s chief of staff may have been a fine man, those he is related to have come to despise everything God loves. And since there is nothing more important to Yahowah than His Covenant and its promises, anyone who is hostile to what He has committed to give His children becomes His foe. This, therefore, is an inauspicious introduction to Damascus.

The city is mentioned again in Second Shamow’el. Dowd / David is attempting to extend his kingdom northward to include the “Syrians of Damascus.” Subsequently, Damascus and Yaruwshalaim become foes, with skirmishes beginning as early as the reign of Solomon, Dowd’s son. But as places and people go, no one and no place is as dear to God as Dowd and Yaruwshalaim. To oppose either is to be in opposition to Yah. So this is not encouraging for Damascus either.

The capital of Syria comes to the forefront again when Ahaz, as king of Yahuwdah / Judah, refuses to join a Syrian – Yisra’el (the Northern Kingdom also known as Ephraim) military alliance against Assyria. This ignites the Syro-Ephraimite War of 734 BCE against Yahuwdah. And it is in concert with these events that Yahowah asks Yasha’yah (in the opening of the 7th chapter) to meet with King Ahaz. God wants him to disregard the approaching assailants – especially the armies of Aram-Damascus – the Aramaean state centered around the Syrian capital. Through Yasha’yah, Yahowah also encourages the King of Yahuwdah to avoid forming an alliance with Assyria to deflect the impending assault. This advice is all germane to America, especially as it sponsors nuclear treaties with Iran while supplying weapons to Iran’s foes in Syria.

And perhaps that is why this prophecy ultimately leads us to the doorstep of the Tribulation. We pick up that story in Yasha’yah 7:5, where we find: “Aram has plotted evil against you along with Ephraim.” Ephraim is a reference to the Northern Kingdom of Yisra’el – a nation which was completely destroyed because its leaders formed and broke alliances with Middle Eastern nations in a vain attempt to find peace and security apart from Yah. They, like America after them, were even willing to sacrifice the remainder of Yisra’el, especially Yaruwshalaim, to appease their foes.

Affirming this, the leader of the malevolent alliance in opposition to Yahuwdah is quoted saying: “Let us go against Yahuwdah and let us tear her apart, breaking her into pieces so that we can reign over her.” (7:6) This is precisely what Yisra’el’s enemies, today’s Islamic nations, are planning. It is what they will do once America cedes the West Bank to them. And when they act next, they will be wielding American weaponry.

But rather than prevail, rather than reigning over Yisra’el after America slices the tiny nation into pieces, Muslims will instead be rebuked and blown away by God. And while that is now, 2,600 years ago...

“Thus says (ze’th ‘amar) Yahowah ( ), this shall not stand (lo’ quwm) and it shall not happen (lo’ hayah).” (7:7) “Because indeed (ky) the head (ro’sh – the source and sum) of Aram / the High and Mighty (‘Aram – exalted, high, and mighty) is Damascus / Dung (Drameseq – the sorrowful weeping sore where corpses are covered in dung, where the dumb are silenced), and (wa) the head (ro’sh – the source and sum) of Damascus / Dung (Drameseq – the sorrowful weeping sore where corpses are covered in dung, where the dumb are silenced) is Ratsyn / Slavery and Slaughter (Ratsyn – king of Damascus and the progenitor of a family of temple slaves; from ratsach – to murder and slaughter) and in another (wa ba ‘owd) sixty-five years (shishym wa chamesh shana’), Ephraym will be shattered and destroyed (chatha’th ‘Ephraym – the Northern Kingdom will dismayed, divided, and broken, abolished and afraid) as a nation (min ‘am – from being part of the family).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 7:8)

And so it would be. The Syrian – Ephraym alliance against Yahuwdah would be for naught, as both would be plundered by the foe they sought to avoid. And as a consequence, the Northern Kingdom was obliterated and its people were hauled away into slavery.

Yahowah revealed the consequence of showing contempt for Him as opposed to relying upon Him: “And (wa) the head (ro’sh – the source and sum) of ‘Ephraym (‘Ephraym – Heap of Ashes, also known as the Northern Kingdom of Yisra’el) is Shomarown (Shomarown – typically transliterated Samaria, capital of the Northern Kingdom of Yisra’el which was home to ten of the twelve tribes; from shamar – to closely examine and carefully consider, being observant), and (wa) the head (ro’sh – the source and sum) of Shomarown (Shomarown) is the son of (ben) Ramalyahuw (Ramalyahuw – treacherous contempt for Yah, a king over Yisra’el in Samaria who “did that which was evil in the sight of Yahowah” (2 Kings 15:25)), so if (‘im) you are not trusting (lo’ ‘aman – you are not reliant, seeking to be confident, established, supported, and upheld, having sought verification), then indeed (ky), you will not endure (lo’ ‘amar – you will not be established nor enduring in the relationship, lacking trust and failing to rely, you will not be supported or upheld).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 7:9)

The same is true today. When individuals and nations rely upon their militaries and their diplomacy, they ultimately die. But when the people are observant, when they rely on Yahowah’s guidance, they prevail.

“And so once again (wa yacaph) Yahowah ( ) spoke (dabar – communicated using words) to (‘el – as the Almighty for the benefit of) ‘Achaz (‘Achaz – King of Yahuwdah, meaning He Has Grasped Hold, He Has Been Enveloped and He Has Been Settled), to say (la ‘amar – to approach by responding and declaring): (7:10) ‘For (la – to come near) you ask for (sha’al – you desire and request you want and inquire about, questioning (qal imperative)) a sign (‘owth – a promise, miracle, oath, proof, and illustration) by means of (min – from and out of) an association with (‘im – in a relationship with the family of) Yahowah ( ), your God (‘elohym), one which is a profound and difficult (‘amaq – regarding a deeply formulated and misunderstood) question (sha’al – request, desire, and yearning) even (‘ow – or choosing) towering high into the highest dimensions (gabah la ma’al – which is above all challenging to understand).’” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 7:10-11)

Rather than simply reading Yahowah’s testimony, which affirms all we need to know, religious and political devotees often want signs, especially things which can be deemed miraculous, to reinforce their fledgling faith – a deficiency which needs constant stroking. And all too often, in a desperate attempt to validate their senseless beliefs, the most mundane occurrences are claimed as miracles, as signs from their god. So in Yahuwdah, the people, awash in religion, sought some divine reassurance. Few were open to the idea that trusting God would be more expedient than the more typical reliance on international treaties, diplomatic compromise, and a strong military defense.

The king, however, knew Yah, so he separated himself from the desires of his people in this regard. “But (wa) ‘Achaz (‘Achaz – King of Yahuwdah, meaning He Has Grasped Hold, He Has Been Enveloped and He Has Been Settled) said (‘amar – responded and replied), ‘I have not, am not, and will not actually ask (lo’ sha’al – I have not inquired about and will not demand, nor am I searching for (qal imperfect)), and nor was I, am I, nor will I attempt to put Yahowah to the test (wa nacah Yahowah – so I would never consider doing something that would tempt Yahowah (piel imperfect)).’” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 7:12)

Yahowah, always desirous of revealing Himself to His people so that they might choose to rely upon Him, provided some perspective for the Yisra’elites. He made them aware of a reality which remains extant today. The Chosen People represent two one-thousandths of the world’s population, and yet they manage to survive in Yisra’el even though the surrounding 1.5 billion Muslims want them wiped off the face of the earth. Yahowah asked them if that would be possible without His assistance...

“And so He said (wa ‘amar), ‘Please listen (na’ shama – I hope you choose to hear this regarding (qal imperative)) family (beyth – the house and household) of Dowd (Dowd – of the beloved, commonly transliterated David), question whether (ha – as an interrogative denoting whether it is possible) that from so few (ma’at min) it would be possible (la’ah – would have the capacity to carry out the requirement) that men (‘iysh ky – individuals) would so be so capable (la’ah) except with (gam ‘eth) their God (‘elohym)?’” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 7:12-13)

That should have been sufficient for Yahuwdym then as now, especially after the three lopsided wars the nation has won against vastly superior forces. But Yahowah went beyond this, offering a sign to His people for another time.

“So therefore (ken), accordingly (la), Yahowah, Himself ( huw’ – as presented in the DSS (the Masoretic Text replaced YHWH with “‘adony – My Lord”), He actually bestowed (nathan – He provided and continually gave (qal imperfect)) this to me (huw’ – Him approaching for me): ‘Behold (hineh – look up and pay attention, noticing) a sign of (‘owth – the promise, miracle, oath, and proof of) the pregnant virgin (ha ‘almah hareh – the young woman who has conceived and has never been married; from ‘alam – one who is not yet known) when (wa) giving birth to (yalad – bearing) a son (ben). Indeed (wa), His name (shem – His reputation, renown, and status (from the DSS because the MT changed this to “she will name”)) shall be proclaimed (qara’ – called out, summoned, invited, read, and recited (qal perfect)) “Immanuel / God With Us (‘Imanuw ‘el – With and Beside Us Is God).”’” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 7:14)

While it is uncommon now and impossible then for a woman who has never known a man in the “biblical” sense to conceive, the greater miracle is Yahowah’s willingness to set apart and diminish an aspect of His immense power to commune with us. He has done so six times previously, but was not called “‘Imanuw’el” during any of those occasions. Therefore, this prophecy, one emerging from a discussion that began in Damascus, is addressing visits set forty Yowbel apart: the former in Year 4000 Yah (33 CE) when Yahowsha’s observance of the Towrah enabled the Covenant’s promises on Pesach, Matsah, Bikuwrym, and Shabuw’ah and the latter upcoming in Year 6000 Yah (2033 CE) when Yahowah will renew and restore the Covenant on Kippurym and Sukah, living with us for one-thousand years. Man’s way, the way of religion and politics, the way of war and terrorism, will lie in ruins, Damascus replaced by Eden.

 More fully aware of the contrast between what man has done to himself in Damascus and the work Yahowah has done on our behalf in Yaruwshalaim, let’s ponder a remarkable end-times prophecy. In the midst of the one of the most horrific religiously inspired proxy wars of all time, one that is being played out before our eyes in Syria, we are warned...

“A prophetic pronouncement regarding (masa’ – a prophecy attributed to the oppression and burden of) Damascus (Drameseq – commonly transliterated Damascus, capital of Syria, controlled successively by Yisra’el, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, the first Muslims, and then the Ottomans, currently the center of world upheaval; from dama’ – a weeping sore, dim’ah – tears or sorrow, domen – corpses covered in dung, and damam – to grow dumb and be silenced): behold (hineh – look up and pay attention to) Damascus (Drameseq – Damascus, Syria; the capital of the most religiously ravaged and politically manipulated warzone on earth at the time of the time of this writing in early 2014 (the spelling of Drameseq is based upon the DSS)) is revolting and corrupt and will be removed from among inhabited cities (suwr min iyr – is degenerate and unrestrained and thus shall be rejected and abolished as a population center, enduring anguish and terror (in the hophal stem this fate was foist upon Damascus and as a participle, Damascus will come to embody unrestrained corruption)). And (wa) she shall totally and actually become (hayah – she will genuinely and completely exist as (qal perfect)) a twisted and tangled (ma’iy – a distorted, crooked, perverted, and contorted) heap of rubble (mapalah – destroyed ruin; from naphal – fallen prostrate, overthrown and inferior).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:1)

Yahowah isn’t sympathetic toward the display of Islamic terrorism He is witnessing in Damascus. Suwr, which was translated “revolting and corrupt and will be removed,” can be rendered “turned away and abolished, degenerate and forsaken,” even “rejected as wild and unrestrained.” Similarly, ‘iyr conveys more than “inhabited city,” because it also speaks of “anguish, anxiety, wrath, anger, and terror.” Islam is the most overtly satanic religion ever foisted on the masses, the most degenerate and revolting corruption to be considered a mainstream religion.

Also worth considering is the juxtaposition of ma’iy and mapalah, which collectively depict the nature of the Muslim terrorists currently reducing Damascus to a heap of ruins: “twisted, distorted, corrupt, and perverted people subject to prostration.” And inexcusably, these jihadists are wielding American weapons when they are not prostrating themselves in prayer, staining the American consciousness with the murder of over two-hundred thousand souls. In the process, the United States is making Israel more vulnerable to the onslaught of Allah’s caustic religion.

Syria is currently a client of Iran, just as is Iraq, both as a result of America’s ill-fated invasion. By way of Hezballah (Allah’s Party), the religious regime in Iran also controls Lebanon, creating a land crescent from Iran into northern Israel—facilitating one potential aspect of the Islamic invasion this prophecy predicts. After the affirmation of a land for peace treaty around the Fall of 2026, Muslims will quickly and callously disregard their promises and invade Israel in unison wielding American weapons. Over the past decade under Presidents Bush and Obama, the United States has fundamentally changed the balance of power in the region by providing Muslims with twenty-five times more military hardware than is offered to God’s Chosen People.

Yahowah’s use of arow’er in the next statement could be a reference to Lebanon. Not only will Hezballah attack Israel by marching through this once proud country, one known to the world for its soaring “cypress trees,” it has become a casualty of the Syrian War – yet another nation devastated and impoverished by Islam.

Arow’er also depicts of the millions of Muslims bequeathed with the misnomer “Palestinians” who have “become destitute and impoverished outcasts” from Yisra’el who are now living in Jordanian and Lebanese refugee camps. Furthering this, ‘Arow’er was a town in Ammon, which is Jordan today, a nation where most consider themselves to be “Palestinian.”

The realization that arow’er is related to ‘aruwts, meaning “dreadful and horrible wadi,” encourages us to see a depiction of Mecca, the birthplace of Islam, Israel’s most ardent foe. During Muhammad’s life, Mecca was known as a watering hole for passing caravans in the midst of a dreadful desert. Similarly ‘aryts speaks of “ruthless terrorism,” something Muhammad practiced with reckless abandon, and thereby has become Islam’s signature act.

Perhaps even more revealing, ‘arowd, which the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament affirms is the root of ‘arow’er, appears in Yowb / Job 39:5 to depict a “wild ass.” Yahowah has already told us that Ishmael’s descendants, today’s Muslims, will be “wild asses of men.”

So arow’er could be one of those words with many shades, one designed to draw our attention to the fate of the mythical “Palestinians” who consider themselves “outcasts,” to include Lebanon and Jordan where these “destitute” people have been “impoverished and repudiated,” in addition to being inclusive of “wild asses” of men from the wadi of Mecca, making the connection to Islam through Ishmael.

Just as Ely’ezar of Damascus and ‘Iyshma’el of Hagar were rejected, both expressly excluded from the Covenant, Yahowah remains consistent...

“Abandoned and forsaken will be (‘azab – rejected, deserted, estranged, left behind, separated, destroyed, and damned are) the inhabited regions (‘iyr – the populated cities) of ‘Arow’er (‘arow’er – of the outcasts (a reference to ‘Palestinian’ refugees), of the Arnon Valley in Ammon (a reference to Jordan), of the cypress tree (a reference to Lebanon), of the repudiated and destitute who are laid bare, of those stripped of all pretence, of the impoverished, vulnerable, and those without resources, and of the wild ass (a reference to Islam through Ishmael); spelled Owraruw in the DSS).

For there will be (la hayah – because there will exist as (the qal stem affirms that this prophetic pronouncement will actually occur as it is being depicted, the imperfect conjugation reveals that the horrible destructive acts have lasting and ongoing implications, and the third person feminine plural means that “they” is addressing the inhabitants of the destroyed cities acting as)) roaming animals fighting in militant militias who are dispossessed (‘ader – abandoned as a group because they have collectively missed the way, having failed miserably; or if diacritically marked ‘edar – flocks of goats and herds of donkeys). But then (wa) there will be no one to terrorize (‘ayn charad – none to terrify).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:2)

In other words, the demise of Damascus, of Lebanon and Jordan, of the refugees living there, of Muslims in general, will be self-inflicted. Marauding bands of Muslim mujahedeen will act like the savage animals their religion has bred them to become. And they will kill until there is no one left to terrorize. That is largely because there is no distinction between civilians and militants in Islam. According to the Qur’an, all good Muslims are terrorists and all peaceful Muslims are hypocrites.

This is precisely what we are witnessing in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan today. There is no good side in this conflict, only various grades of depravity. Muslims have been conditioned to kill, and they don’t seem to care if they are murdering Jews, Christians, Hindus, Communists, or fellow Muslims. Even in the Qur’an we find this same universality. Muhammad and his wannabe god began terrorizing pagan Arabs, followed by monotheistic Jews, Byzantine Christians, and finally peaceful Muslims.

“So (wa) the fortified place (mibtsa’r – the defensive structures) will cease to exist (shabath – will desist, coming to an end as a result of their choices (the consecutive form serves as an expression of volition)), because of (min – on account of) ‘Ephraym (‘Ephraym – serving as a metaphor for a divided Yisra’el expressly excluding Yahuwdah and Yaruwshalaim, meaning heap of ashes, commonly transliterated Ephraim, the son of Yowseph and brother of Manasseh, used to depict the Northern Kingdom encompassing ten of twelve tribes), along with (wa) the government (mamlakah – the kingdom, empire, realm, authority, and people ruled under the monarchy) out of (min – from) Damascus (Drameseq – capital of Syria, the epicenter of world Islamic upheaval and former location of the most enduring and imposing Muslim caliphate; from dama’ – a weeping sore, dim’ah – tears or sorrow, domen – corpses covered in dung, and damam – to grow dumb and be silenced), including (wa) the remnant (sa’ar – a remaining portion, a residue of the rest left behind) of ‘Aram / Syria  (‘Aram – Greater Syria or Assyria, including Mesopotamia, and therefore inclusive of today’s Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon (all of which are controlled by Iran as a result of the American invasion of Iraq); the son of Shem; from ‘armown – palace, citadel, or fortress) for being similarly (ka – as or like, in this manner and thus comparatively also) vehement and burdensome (kabowd – fanatical and onerous, abundantly wealthy and overly glorified; from kabad / kobed – hardened and grievous, ignorant and dimwitted, hardheaded and stupid, enraged and troublesome).

The children (beny) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el – of Individuals who Engage and Endure with God) shall actually continue to exist (hayah – will genuinely exist forever (the qal stem demonstrates that this prophecy must be interpreted literally while the imperfect conjugation reveals that their shall be no end to its implications)), prophetically declares (na’um – pronounces in advance of it occurring) Yahowah ( ) of vast array of spiritual messengers and envoys (shaba’ – company of useful implements designed to serve the authority which are deployed in a command and control regimen, and thus without freewill).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:3)

This passage is challenging to translate because some of the terms deployed within it have diverse connotations. For example, kabowd can be good or bad depending upon the context. In this case, since Yahowah is speaking about the utter destruction of Damascus and the implications associated with the demise of the Syrian government, the most rational approach is to consider the negative aspects of kabowd. So rather than rendering it “significant and glorious,” a more fitting depiction can be advanced by examining the etymological roots, kabad and kobed. They suggest that the Islamic nations surrounding Yisra’el will cease to exist because Muslims are “vehement in their rage, onerous and burdensome in their abuse, hardheaded and grievous in their thinking, ignorant and dimwitted in their beliefs, foolish as a nation, and thus enraged and troublesome.” Those who have been indoctrinated by their religion to seek the destruction of Israel will themselves be destroyed so that Yisra’el might endure.

Having compiled the best-documented and most-comprehensive chronological presentation of Islam’s five oldest scriptural sources, Prophet of Doom, I can attest with absolute certainty that Islam is the dumbest, most utterly foolish major religion. It preys on the ignorant and dimwitted. And while being stupid isn’t a crime, religious morons are easily enraged. And since they are hardheaded, they are seldom reasonable. These traits make the religion extraordinarily abusive.

The names on this list are also revealing. It begins with “Drameseq – Damascus,” the current focus of Islam’s intolerance. Here, Sunni jihadists armed with American weapons are currently murdering, raping, and robbing tens of thousands of Shi’ites and Christians while the opposing Shia troops and militias are responding in kind, albeit with Russian and Iranian arms. Not only are we told by God that this Islamic infighting will reduce the city to rubble, the city’s name describes “a weeping sore where there are tears of sorrow over corpses covered in dung, a place where the people are silenced.”

Arow’er is next. As we have learned, it is overtly descriptive of “Jordanian refugees,” but through the “cypress” and “wild ass” illusions, the reference is inclusive of Lebanon and Muslims. They, we learn, will be deserted and forsaken. These places will be abandoned apart from the roaming animals who comprise Islamic militias, and even for them, there will no longer be any civilians left to terrorize.

‘Ephraym is the name Yahowah deploys to speak of a divided Yisra’el, of the region initially estranged from Him because they forsook the Covenant, favoring the kind of international military alliances that have been so devastating for humankind. The Northern Kingdom was destroyed by Assyria within a generation of its formation, and thereby serves as an example of how not to behave. But now, it is Assyria’s turn to suffer, indicating Iran’s influence in Iraq and Syria will succumb to the Sunni militias perhaps to spare ‘Ephraym, but not necessarily so. What was the Northern Kingdom may suffer again, this time at the hands of the jihadists that brought Syria down. While Yahowah has promised to reconcile Yisra’el, which means that within the next twenty years ‘Ephraym will be reunited with Yahuwdah, making Yisra’el once again equivalent to Ya’aqob, most Yisra’elites will not survive to enjoy that day.

But gradually, the ten tribes comprising ‘Ephraym which have been scattered in Assyria, today’s Iran, Iraq, and Syria, will end their open rebellion against Yahowah. The long divorce proclaimed in Howsha’ / Hosea will soon be over. The Day of Reconciliation, Yowm Kippurym in Year 6000 Yah (sunset on October 2, 2033), is imminent. And therefore, it is for the sake of Yisra’el that the government of Damascus ultimately fails, and with it Iran’s influence in the region. For those wondering how the Syrian war will unfold, we have been given the answer.

‘Aram could have been translated simply as “Syria” so long as readers realized that this means much more to the Islamic combatants fighting there than the current national boundaries. The capital of the Islamic world after Sunnis bludgeoned Shia Muslims into submission in the 8th century CE was Damascus, and their “Sham – Syria” comprised the entire region, including today’s Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iran, and Iraq. It was from Damascus that this unified Islamic Caliphate ruthlessly ruled over much of the world, from Spain and Northern Africa to India, and everything in between. Most of the Sunni jihadists fighting in Syria are committed to the same result, a unified base from which they want to conquer the rest of the world so that every soul surrenders to Allah. This goal is the catalyst for Islamic conquest, the throttle for Islamic rage, the sandbox for Islamic jihadists to prove themselves worthy of paradise, the fulcrum upon which Sunni Islam will prevail over the rival, Shia, and it is the epicenter of the next world war with alliances divided between the belligerents. Every Muslim within Greater Assyria will suffer because they are universally fanatical and onerous, ignorant and enraged. And they will die, massacring one another so that Yisra’el might live.

It would be easy to assume that Yahowah is somehow encouraging these religious zealots to harm themselves for the sake of His children. But that is not the case. At this point, with Muslims killing Muslims, Yahowah is simply reporting what He has witnessed. That is not to say that God won’t intervene. He will, but only when the survival of Yisra’el is at stake.

Since it is vitally important, and since Yahowah uses prophecy to prove that He is God and that He inspired this testimony, let’s be perfectly clear. This prophetic portrayal specifically states that “the government (mamlakah – the kingdom, authority, and people ruled under the monarchy) out of (min) Damascus (Drameseq), including (wa) the remnant (sa’ar – remaining portion) of ‘Aram / Syria / Assyria (‘Aram)” “will cease to exist (shabath).” We can therefore conclude that Sunni jihadists will eventually prevail, bringing down the Iranian-backed Shia government of Syria. But in the process, these Islamic terrorists will not only ruin Damascus, they will decimate the civilian population of the country.

This is currently surprising, although ultimately inevitable. Assad has the upper hand at this point, three years into the conflict. Sunni jihadists have started killing one another. They are losing their grip on cities previously captured. And Russia has effectively prevented American intervention on behalf of the rebels. But the numbers tell a different story. Sunni Muslims outnumber Shiites more than two to one in the Middle East and four to one worldwide. And Sunnis, which receive American weapons, are vastly better armed. The forty-six Sunni-majority Islamic nations spend over $150 billion annually on their militaries, with Saudi Arabia leading the charge at $57 billion a year. The four Shiite-majority counties, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, devote less than $15 billion annually to war preparations, with Iran and Iraq each devoting $6 billion to their military forces each year. Syria is a bit of an anomaly, because its $2 billion military expenditures are on behalf of Shia Islam in a majority Sunni nation. So collectively, this means that in this proxy war, the Shiites are outmanned four to one and outgunned ten to one. The math will ultimately catch up with them as it did the “Rebels” during the American Civil War.

And speaking of America, the United States outspends Russia and China combined by more than two to one militarily. So forgetting for a moment that the European Union is also allied with the Sunni rebels, America squanders $682 billion on its war machine while just $256 billion is spent annually by Assad’s allies, the combined forces of Russia and China. This is yet another indication that Yahowah’s prediction will be proven correct.

His promises are also reliable, and He has made a solemn vow to reconcile His relationship with Yisra’el and Yahuwdah. Those “Individuals who Engage and Endure with God” and those “Who are Related to Yahowah” will exist forever. Bringing it all together, thus far Yahowah has predicted:

“A prophetic pronouncement regarding (masa’) Damascus (Drameseq): behold (hineh), Damascus (Drameseq) is revolting and corrupt and will be removed from among inhabited cities, it is degenerate and unrestrained and shall be abolished (suwr min iyr). And (wa) she shall totally and actually become (hayah) a twisted and tangled (ma’iy) heap of rubble (mapalah). (17:1)

Abandoned and forsaken, estranged, deserted, destroyed, and damned will be (‘azab) the inhabited regions and populated cities (‘iyr) of ‘Arow’er, the outcasts in Jordan and Lebanon (‘arow’er). For there will be (la hayah) roaming animals fighting in militant militias failing miserably (‘ader). But then (wa) there is no one to terrorize (‘ayn charad). (17:2)

So (wa) the fortified place and defensive structures (mibtsa’r) will cease to exist (shabath) on account of (min) the Northern Kingdom  (‘Ephraym), along with (wa) the government (mamlakah) out of (min) Damascus (Drameseq), including (wa) the remnant (sa’ar) of Syria and Assyria (‘Aram), for being similarly (ka) vehement and burdensome, fanatical and onerous, dimwitted and enraged (kabowd).

The children (beny) of Yisra’el, those Individuals who Engage and Endure with God (Yisra’el), shall actually continue to exist (hayah), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah ( ) of vast array of spiritual messengers and envoys (shaba’).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:3)

For an alternative view, the King James Version renders the last verse: “The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.” This implies that the utter destruction of Syria, but also implies that the heap of twisted rubble that is Damascus will cause the Muslims who lived there to become as glorious as the Children of Yisra’el. If nothing else, this affirms that English Christians hold Israel in extremely low regard.

The American evangelical Christians who sponsored the New Living Translation similarly strove to suggest that they had inherited Israel’s former glory when they published: “The fortified towns of Israel will also be destroyed and the royal power of Damascus will end. All that remains of Syria will share the fate of Israel’s departed glory.”

While I would never be so arrogant as to claim that my translations are perfect, which is why I encourage you to verify all of this for yourself, I can attest that the KJV and NLT are wrong. And it’s not that they haven’t deployed Hebrew scholars, it’s that they don’t know Yahowah, and thus do not understand what He is saying. What they don’t want anyone to know is that God hates the Christian Church and loves the Children of Yisra’el. As a result, one will endure and the other will not. One will be brought home and the other will be left behind.

In the midst of this future narrative regarding the fall of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon to Islamic terrorists, and how that relates to Yahowah’s pronouncement that Yisra’el will survive, the prophecy reveals that the Promised Land will be narrowed at its midsection. This strongly suggests that these events and proclamations are related. That is to say, the Islamic jihadists who will bring down the Assad regime, destroying Damascus in the process, will turn their sights on Israel. The Muslim mujahedeen, rather than releasing their weapons once Bashar al-Assad is dead, will simply turn around and point them in a different direction, towards Jerusalem.

These terrorist gangs without tanks, an air force, or navy, will be no match for Israel’s Defense Forces. Out of necessity, the IDF will mow them down as these jihadist attempt to cross the border. And while there will be no viable alternative, Israel is the only nation on earth which is rebuked for defending itself. Stopping the Islamic terrorists clamoring to pillage and plunder will galvanize the world against the tiny nation. Jews will be portrayed as the aggressors and as mass murderers.

The solution, which is currently being brokered by America, will be to establish a Palestinian nation, and therefore a terrorist state, in the West Bank and Gaza. This act will saw the Promised Land in two at its midsection, where seventy percent of the Israeli population currently resides. So although the Syrian jihadists will fail, by attempting to appease them and their fellow Muslims, the Middle East and then the entire world will be engulfed in a much larger war.

This prophecy, therefore predicts that the “land-for-peace” concessions in which Gaza has and the West Bank will be given to Muslims in exchange for useless proclamations of peace. Israel will be dissected, becoming less than five or six miles across. Since Gaza is already gone, this is occurring in stages. And it is reasonable to assume that the final act will coincide with the treaty announced by Dany’el / Daniel which ushers in the seven-year Tribulation. If so, we are now approaching Taruw’ah in the Fall of 2026 in this next statement.

Also, to enhance our understanding of what Yahowah is foretelling, by specifically delineating Ephraim, representing the Northern Kingdom, in a prophecy which affirms Yisra’el’s continuing existence, Yahowah is addressing the fate of eleven of the twelve tribes. While Benjamin was originally aligned with Yahuwdah, by making a distinction between the two names, Yahowah is saying that the destruction of Damascus and Greater Syria will spare much of the nation but still leave Yahuwdah, and thus Yaruwshalaim, vulnerable. I suspect that this is because America, to placate the Muslim marauders, will compel the nation to surrender Samaria, known as the West Bank, to the Islamic terrorists. Affirming this, Yahowah, through His prophet Yasha’yah, revealed:

“And (wa) it will actually come to pass (hayah – it will come to exist and totally happen as a result of man’s choices (qal perfect consecutive)) in that day (ba ha yowm – around this time) that the size (ha huw’ kabowd – that the magnitude, dimensions, and volume, that the respect and dignity, that the reputation and abundance, that the presence and power) of Ya’aqob (Ya’aqob – renamed “Yisra’el” by Yahowah, meaning: one who cannot be swayed or detoured because he supplants his heel, Abraham’s grandson, heir to the Covenant, the father of the twelve tribes, and thus a completely reunited Yisra’el) shall be decreased to the point of no longer being sustainable or viable (dalal – shall be diminished, making the state incapable of surviving, being thinned and impoverished so that normal life becomes impossible to support), and (wa) the fattest, best protected, and most important place (mashman – the waist or midsection, the most stout and populated area) of his body (basar – his physical existence) shall be leaned (razeh – made thin and shrink in size).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:4)

Yahowah, by saying “in that day,” has affirmed what I assumed previously, that the divestiture of Israeli land is tied to the fall of the Syrian regime. As I’ve predicted, while Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless dictator, the Sunni jihadists seeking to overthrow him are worse – not only for Syrians, but also for Israel. It is why it is so counterproductive for the United States to be arming and supporting them.

Also, by tying the Syrian War to the surrender of Israeli land, America becomes overtly culpable. The United States is guilty of starting this proxy war through the invasion of Iraq, whereby the nation was given to Iran. But equally deserving of blame, through the U.S. military’s Awakening program, weapons were supplied to create Sunni militias in Iraq, and it is those weapons and those jihadists who first turned a peaceful political protest in Syria into a devastatingly deadly war.

Furthermore, at the same time, America capitulated on the Iranian nuclear program, assuring that the threat of an atomic bomb would influence world opinion. This capitulation of Israeli territory, an idea promoted primarily by the United States, may ultimately be accepted by Israel under the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Before we move on, I’d like to take a step back in time to gain a better perspective on the scope of this prophecy. For the events depicted here to occur as they were predicted two-thousand seven-hundred fifty years ago, an already thrice-conquered Yisra’el would have to become reestablished and then made whole. After one-thousand nine-hundred years of exile following the sixth successful conquest of the Promised Land, that of the Romans in 133 CE, while these same Romans, then the Byzantines, followed sequentially by Shi’ite and then Sunni Muslims, the Turkish Ottoman Empire, and then the British lorded over Yisra’el, against all odds Yisra’elites returned home and became a sovereign nation again. This incomparable miracle occurred in stages.

First, in 1948, the United Nations, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, awarded a portion of the Promised Land to the surviving Yisra’elites. Second, in that same year, facing nations established in the aftermath of World War I which outnumbered them a thousand to one, each of which wielded vastly superior weapons, God’s Chosen People, fighting as civilians without so much as a common language, astonishingly won their War of Independence against the combined forces of the Muslim world. Yet then, the whole of the Gaza Strip and the entire West Bank remained part of Egypt and Jordan respectively, thereby still precluding the thinning of a united Yisra’el as this prophecy portends.

It wasn’t until the fledging nation prevailed against a second unified Islamic assault in 1967 during the Six Days War that Israel reclaimed much of Yahowah’s original gift. Yet even then, it would be another forty-four years before America’s invasion of Iraq would lead to the Syrian War, ultimately making the destruction of Damascus the catalyst for the ill-advised act of sacrificing Yisra’eli land for promises of peace.   

What makes this prophecy extraordinary is when it was committed to writing millennia ago in the waning days of the 8th century BCE, somewhere between 740 and 730, Yisra’el was being ripped to shreds, its cities razed, and its people enslaved. Moreover, we possess ancient verifications of these predictions. The Great Isaiah Scroll, for example, dates to 200 BCE and is the oldest surviving complete copy of any book written in antiquity.

The fact is, conditions that would have been inconceivable at the time they were being foretold are just now materializing before our eyes. For example, Ephraim, representing the Northern Kingdom, at the time of this writing was separated from Yahuwdah. That means there wasn’t a unified Yisra’el to thin at the waist. The Northern Kingdom, itself, was under siege – being attacked by the world’s most ruthless superpower, Assyria. Huge swaths of the nation were falling under the control the Assyrian monarchs, Tiglath-Pileser III and Shalmaneser V. The latter’s son, Sargon II, and his successor, Sennacherib, following in their father’s footsteps, took twenty years to systematically ransack most of what Dowd and his son, Solomon, had built two-hundred years earlier.

By way of background, after the death of Shalomoh / Solomon in 931 BCE, every tribe except Yahuwdah and Benyamin refused to accept Rachab’am / Rehoboam, the son and successor of Solomon, as their king. This rift occurred because he refused to lower the rather onerous tax imposed by his licentious father. These ten tribes preferred Yarob’am / Jeroboam, who was residing in Egypt at the time. So upon his return in 920 BCE, they pronounced him king in Shechem, leaving Yahuwdah completely isolated and Yisra’el divided. It was now the Kingdom of Yahuwdah versus the Northern Kingdom (which retained the name Yisra’el and was often referred to as Ephraim). These choices set the stage for the traumatic events transpiring as Yasha’yah transcribed Yahowah’s haunting predictions.

By 740 BCE, Assyrian King Tiglath-Pileser began to systematically brutalize and enslave the remnants of Yisra’el, causing ten of Ya’aqob’s twelve tribes to be considered lost. Reuben and Gad were the first to succumb, then Manasseh. They were taken to Assyria where they would remain for centuries. Then in 722 BCE, the surviving capitals of the Northern Kingdom were ransacked, both Shechem then Tirzah, along with most of Samaria under King Omri. During the siege, Shalmaneser V died and was succeeded by Sargon II. Of his conquest, he wrote: “Samaria I looked at, I captured. 27,280 men who dwelt in it I carried away into Assyria.” Duly recorded in ancient stele by the victors, this appeared to be the final curtain for the Kingdom of Yisra’el. It had been wiped off the face of the earth.

The oldest extant corroborations of this period, besides the testimony found in Chronicles and Kings, include the aforementioned Assyrian stele inscription discovered in ancient Assyria in addition to an intriguing stele found in Moab, which is Jordan. Called the Mesha Stele, this three-foot tall smoothed block of basalt stone contains the longest Iron Age inscription ever found. It was written in the Moabite language in the 9th century BCE using the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. The history depicted in the inscription parallels the account initially reported in the Book of Kings. It refers to the “Kingdom of Yisra’el” as distinct from “the Kingdom of Yahuwdah,” to “the House of Omri,” to “the House of Dowd / David,” and to their God, “Yahowah.” These historic corroborations are important because they affirm that Yahowah’s eyewitness portrayal of human events, whether past, present, or future, is consistently accurate. After all, from God’s perspective prophecy isn’t about predicting the future, it is the result of Him seeing the whole human experience and then reporting what He has witnessed in our future in our past, long before these events actually transpire.

Returning to the historical narrative, the Kingdom of Yahuwdah survived the initial Assyrian assault partly because the small nation capitulated and became a vassal state. But some twenty years later, Chizqiyah / Hezekiah, as king of Yahuwdah, sought to end his nation’s subservience to the Mesopotamian overlords. He ceased paying the tribute tax imposed by Assyria and forged an alliance with Egypt. But the Egyptians proved unreliable, and in the fourth year of Sennacherib (701 BCE), Yahuwdym were isolated and defenseless, which was concerning because 185,000 Assyrian soldiers were marching in their direction with the express intent of plundering what little was left of the Kingdom Dowd / David had forged.

As it would transpire, what happened next serves as a lesson for us today. Hopelessly out numbered, Chizqiyah / Hezekiah initially tried to pay off Sennacherib with three hundred talents of silver and thirty of gold. But after the payment was made, the Assyrian king, rather than retreating, renewed his assault and laid siege on Yaruwshalaim. So after his faith in military alliances, money, and potentates proved unreliable, the king tried the opposite approach, and came to rely upon the Towrah and its Author, Yahowah. He destroyed every religious site in Yahuwdah and began to prepare his people so that they could celebrate Passover, Un-Yeasted Bread, and First-Born Children in accordance with Yahowah’s Towrah Instructions. This approach, their collective trust, and their willingness to observe the Towrah, and act upon its Guidance was sufficient. Yahowah did the rest, sending one of His mal’ak / messengers to poison the Assyrian army as they prepared for their final assault outside the city gates.

Sennacherib had thought that as the favorite son of the gods, and as the leader of the world’s most powerful military, the city would be easy prey. Just the day before his troops were annihilated he had sent a messenger to underscore the choice Hezekiah had made. He is recorded telling Yahuwdym that in the manner their king had destroyed all vestiges of religion, they too would be destroyed. And yet as we now know, the assemblage of false gods and human military might was no match for a single representative of Yah.

Unfortunately, just a century later, Yahuwdym became prosperous and self-reliant, forsaking their relationship with Yahowah and His Towrah. They would soon regret that approach and decision. As it would transpire, the Babylonians overran the Assyrian capital of Nineveh in 612 BCE. They then moved their capital to Harran, closer to Yahuwdah, but by 610 BCE, it too was captured by the Babylonians. So the Assyrian King Ashur-Uballit II moved to Carchemish on the Euphrates River and waited for the Egyptian army to come to his rescue. But Pharaoh Necho II was delayed at Megiddo, northwest of Yaruwshalaim, by the forces of King Yo’shyah / Josiah of Yahuwdah. While Yo’shyah was killed and his army was defeated, because the Pharaoh’s army arrived later than expected, the combined Egyptian and Assyrian forces failed in their siege of Harran. They retreated to northern Syria, where the remaining Assyrians and Egyptians met the full might of the Babylonian army led by Nebuchadnezzar II, the king of Babylon, in 605 BCE. They were defeated, ending the Assyrian run as an independent nation while dramatically diminishing Egypt’s influence. As a result, for Yahowah’s prophecy to be valid, Assyria would have to be reformed as a nation – something that wouldn’t occur until the 20th century.

Picking up the trail of events, immediately thereafter, Nebuchadnezzar invaded Yahuwdah. Hoping to avoid annihilation, Yaruwshalaim’s King Yahowyaqym / Jehoiakim changed allegiances from Egypt to Babylon and paid a tribute which included Temple artifacts and members of the royal family who were taken as hostages. However, four years later in 601 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar returned, and this time was rebuffed in his attempt to invade Egypt, suffering heavy losses. Trying to capitalize on the swing of fortunes, Yahuwdah’s King Yahowyaqym / Jehoiakim withheld his Babylonian tribute and allied once again with Egypt. Not in the best of mood, Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Yaruwshalaim in 597 BCE, shortly after Yahowyaqym’s death. He pillaged the city and the Temple. He took the nation’s new king, the eighteen-year-old Yakonyah / Jeconiah, prisoner along with a preponderance of the population, including the king’s court, prominent citizens, and craftsmen. Yachezq’el / Ezekiel and Dany’el / Daniel were among those hauled off into Babylonian slavery. Only the most impoverished Yahuwdym were spared.

And as we know, a remnant would eventually return, but they would be conquered next by the Greeks. Then came the Romans. In their second assault on Yahuwdah, three merciless Roman Legions razed the city of Yaruwshalaim, salted the earth, renamed the place after a historical enemy, crucified tens of thousands of people, and hauled off the surviving population as slaves. Then over the centuries, a succession of Christian and Muslim powers would laid claim over a land so ransacked, it would barely support a fledgling number of nomads. So against this backdrop, Yahowah’s declaration became so improbable as to be considered rationally impossible. And yet we are now witnessing its fulfillment before our very eyes.

Most recently, the United States under the Bush Administration compelled Israel to give Gaza, surrendering it to the Muslims. It was a bad move, one which turned a buffer zone into a breeding ground for jihadists and a staging area for rocket launchers. Not to be outdone, the Obama Administration began coercing Israel into abandoning the West Bank and Golan Heights.

This so-called “Roadmap to Peace” is the same plan the Iraq Study Group proposed to resolve the Sunni uprising against the Shi’ite overlords America had empowered after deposing Saddam Hussein. And it will be the concession offered by the United States when it seeks to calm Islamic jihadists returning from terrorizing civilians during the Syrian War between these same two warring factions. When implemented, it will thin Israel at her waist to less than twenty miles across. Since seventy percent of Israel’s wealth and population reside in this place, the nation will become so vulnerable, buoyed by this concession to terrorism, Muslims will terrorize Israel. This Islamic conquest of the Promised Land is known as the Magog War. One out of every four people alive on earth at the time, mostly Muslims, will die in the Middle Eastern phase. But then the storm, a world war prompted by the United States will go nuclear, and one third of those who remain will succumb before the dust settles. This result will make America’s concession to Islamic terrorism the single deadliest and destructive blunder in human history.

And it’s not as if God and history didn’t provide a warning. The rebuke of America in this context commences with a “howy – woe” in Yasha’yah / Isaiah 18:1. And recent history screams: “No, don’t follow the example of England” when in 1938, Neville Chamberlain gave the Nazis the high ground of Czechoslovakia. That land-for-peace initiative was the catalyst for the Second World War. This one will start the Third.

So that we are not taken by surprise, so that no one is left behind without fair warning, we are told that the narrowing of Israel occurs in conjunction with a harvest of standing grain, a reaping of first fruits, and specifically, a gleaning, which is a smaller, secondary, harvest of olives.

“And (wa) it shall be (hayah – He will come to exist) like (ka) gathering in and receiving (‘acaph – bringing together, collecting, assembling, and removing, ingathering and withdrawing) of a harvest (qatsyr – a reaping of the fruit from the chaff in season; from qatsar – to cut away so as to remove from a vexing time of grief) of standing grain (qamah – that which is upright and has the ability to stand and rise; from quwm – to affirm, validate, and establish the standing and upright so that they might rise).

And with (wa) His Sacrificial Lamb (zarowa’ – His strong arm and power, His might, He who shoulders burdens; from zara’ – to sow seeds which produce offspring, zarah – to make known through a diminished manifestation, and zarah – to appear, becoming visible as light) collecting and harvesting (qatsyr – Him reaping the fruit from the chaff in season; from qatsar – to cut away so as to remove from a vexing time of grief) the first fruits (shibolym – the head of the grain).

And (wa) it shall be (hayah – He will come to exist) as (ka) a gleaning (laqat – gathering up, speaking of a smaller secondary harvest) of ears of grain (shibolym – the head of the grain) in (ba) the valley (‘emeq) of Rapha’ym (Raphq’ym – the souls of the deceased; from rapha’ – defects which could have been healed by a physician, restoring the impaired to health).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:5)

While politicians and statesmen are making the planet more dangerous by capitulating to Islamic terrorism, tearing Yisra’el apart in the process, Yahowah will come to gather in and receive His Covenant children, sparing them from the wrath of war that is about to besiege the rest of the world. God and His creation remain at cross purposes.

But there are always a few, the one in a million who are guided by the Architect of Life. The “qamah – standing grain” and “shibolym – first fruits” references point to the Taruw’ah Harvest, when Yahowah removes His family so that they do not have to endure the Tribulation. It is what one would expect from a loving Father.

Shibolym, translated “ears of grain” in association with this secondary harvest, provides an illusion to the primary harvest, and to the timing of the first three Miqra’ey: Pesach, Matsah, and Bikuwrym, each of which occurs during ‘Abyb, the time when young barley ears are still green and growing at the head of the grain. This speaks of a time when we are still receptive to God’s invitations, rather than mature, hardened, and readily crushed.

In this regard, qamah is revealing because, based upon quwm, it confirms that the Sacrificial Lamb of God stood up for those of us who stand with Him. We are the standing grain, those represented by the two letters repeated in God’s name: . Those depicted by these letters are reaching up to grasp hold of Yahowah’s “ – hand,” His Zarowa’.

And speaking of the Zarowa’, the Sacrificial Lamb is Yahowsha’, the promised seed of Abraham. The Zarowa’ is the arm of God, the aspect of Yahowah’s nature who shoulders our burdens. It is by this means that Yah enables the Covenant’s promises. An entire chapter of Yada Yah was devoted to understanding the significance of this marvelous term.

The affirmation that this will be a “laqat – gleaning, or secondary harvest,” is enlightening on both accounts. The first harvest of saved souls occurred on Bikuwrym, known as FirstFruits, or more accurately: Firstborn Children. This celebration of Yahowah’s plan followed Yahowsha’s fulfillment of “Pesach – Passover” and “Matsah – Un-yeasted Bread.” Yahowah has a plan, and He is carrying it out step by step in chronological order. The first four Miqra’ey were fulfilled one after another, all by the Zarowa’, all in Year 4000 Yah. So now on the precipice of Year 6000 Yah, God is announcing that He will once again honor His promises.

Collectively then, “laqat – gleaning” establishes the Miqra’ of Taruw’ah in its rightful place as the second of two harvests of saved souls. Additionally, by calling it a “gleaning,” God is affirming that the harvest will be small. This is consistent with His written proclamation on the first of the two tablets when He wrote: “thousands will receive His mercy by observing His covenant’s conditions.” Thousands amongst billions is just one in a million.

In this context, Raphq’ym, speaking of the “souls of the deceased,” is also telling, because it is from the dead and dying that God’s Covenant children are being saved so that they might live. In this regard, raphq’ym is from rapha’, which reveals that those who remain retain the “defects which could have been healed by the physician,” but because they rejected Yahowah’s “restoration,” their “health remains impaired.”

Recognizing that this prophecy is about to reveal that all hell is going to break loose, the testimony regarding the timing of the Taruw’ah Harvest provides yet another affirmation that the basis of most everything Yahowsha’ said can be found in the Torah and Prophets – making what little is reliable in the Greek texts redundant. In the midst of His open letter in Revelation, during His presentation of the Philadelphian era, He revealed that those who love Yahowah’s Word and Name will be kept out of the Tribulation, while the Laodicean Christians living in affluence in the Western democracies will be left to endure it. They will remain outside of Passover’s Doorway, unaware that it is the way to Yahowah’s home.

I was once troubled by the fact this passage lists the thinning of Yisra’el immediately before the harvest. And that’s because based upon what God has said, there is every reason to conclude that the Taruw’ah Harvest will be fulfilled before the worst of the Tribulation’s carnage begins. It seems reasonable that the treaty alluded to in Dany’el, the one which appears to usher in the Tribulation, will be predicated upon Israel sacrificing land, thereby shrinking the vulnerable nation to the dimensions depicted in U.N. 242, to those which existed before Muslims lost the Six Days War. So I had thought Yisra’el would become vulnerable all at once, with Gaza and the West Bank being surrendered at the same time. But now we know that this is and will continue to be an ongoing process. Gaza was lopped off in 2006. And the West Bank has only partially been ceded to the Islamic antagonists. Therefore, the peace treaty sponsored by the Towrahless One may entail yet another foolish concession – one perhaps which goes beyond the succession of land.

Also at issue, we don’t know when the Syrian War will end. There is every reason to think that it will rage on for quite some time – perhaps another decade. Further, while immediacy is implied, we do not know if it will be weeks or months after Damascus is destroyed and the Syrian government is deposed before the final surrender of territories surrounding Jerusalem, Ramallah, Qalqilya, Jericho, Bethlehem, and Hebron is offered to appease the Islamic terrorists. And we have not been told how many months or years will pass after the sliver of land between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is sacrificed before the Magog war begins. However, one thing we know for sure, a great deal is going to happen between now and the fall of 2026, when the Tribulation is likely to begin. Islamic jihadists will continue to commit ruthless act of terrorism. Damascus will lie in ruins. The government of Syria will fall. The West Bank will be sliced away to create a Palestinian state. Yahowah will come to remove His children just before the world is engulfed in war.

The metaphors Yahowah uses in the next statement serve to identify the subjects who are being addressed. Olives were consumed as food, their oil was used as a healing ointment, and there was no better source of light in the ancient world. These traits, along with the fact that olives were firmly rooted in the Land and they are the longest living trees in the region, all serve to illustrate the influence of the Set-Apart Spirit in our lives. She brings light to dark places. She nourishes Her children, healing and empowering them. And Yahowah’s Set-Apart Spirit distinguishes and separates those who live with God from those who die.

“So (wa) in him (ba – in Ya’aqob / in Yisra’el / or in the Covenant) there will be those who leave (sha’ar – there will be those who will live and those who will be left behind, remaining as part of a group for a duration of time (the niphal perfect consecutive indicates that each individual will be harvested or left based upon the choices they have made regarding these)), gleanings (‘olelah – smaller secondary harvests) as in going around (ka naqap – as in encompassing and shaking off as a means of harvesting) an olive tree (zayth – olive; from zow – brightness): two or three (shanaym shalowsh) ripe olives (gargar) in the top (ba ro’sh – on the uppermost and choicest) branch (‘amyr – highest branch (symbolic of the Ma’aseyah)), four or five (‘arba’ chamesh) on the fruitful branches which have been cut away (ba ca’yph parah – clinging to a crevice of its (the olive’s) flourishing and productive limbs; from ca’aph – which has been cut off (rendered from the DSS)), prophetically declares (na’um – before it occurs pronounces) Yahowah ( ), God (‘elohym – Mighty One) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el – of individuals who engage and endure with God).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:6)

There was a reason behind Yahowah’s depiction of the gleaning as “two or three” and then “four or five” olives. The smaller number associated with the “uppermost and choicest branch” and the larger number with “fruitful branches which have been cut away” is designed to identify, quantify, and distinguish the relatively small number of individuals who will be taken home. The smaller of the two communities represents Yisra’elites, the direct descendants of Ya’aqob, who will be harvested at this time. The larger figure most likely represents the Gentiles who will be gleaned as adopted children as a result of embracing the conditions of the Covenant affirmed through Ya’aqob. Both participants in this secondary harvest of some seven-thousand souls, the naturally born and adopted, will leave Earth on the Miqra’ of Taruw’ah following the destruction of Damascus and the thinning of Israel, but before the final Islamic assault against God’s people and land.

If smallest and largest numbers, two and five, or largest and smallest, three and four, quantify the numbers harvested from each community, seven thousand members of the Covenant will be brought out of the world and into Yahowah’s home on this day. Our Heavenly Father would have every reason to protect His children at this time, removing them from the corruption and carnage man is about to unleash on the world – leading them away from the Valley of Death.

If these extrapolations are accurate, the Taruw’ah gleaning isn’t very far away. It is set between unfolding events, the ongoing destruction of Damascus, the depopulation fall of Syria, and the disposition of Yisra’el’s midsection, but prior to the time that Muslims react or Yisra’elites return to Yahowah. This is a fairly narrow window. So we should keep a keen eye focused on Syria, expecting the conflict to continue until there are so few civilians on one side or the other to kill that the surviving Islamic jihadists turn their weapons and rage against Israel. We should expect that the U.S. will continue to remain on the wrong side, to try to impose its will, and that Israel will eventually capitulate. We are told that when this occurs, the Children of the Covenant will be taken home, removed from the Valley of Death, so that they do not have to endure the tidal wave of Muslim militants that will surely flood into the Promised Land, leaving death and destruction in their wake. It will be a gruesome scene.

There are a number of intriguing words in the Word of God which encourage us to think before we jump to conclusions. One of these is sha’ar, translated “there will be those who leave” in the previous statement. Some lexicons suggest that it means “to remain,” as in “being left behind.” But most Hebrew dictionaries assert that its primary connotation is “to leave.” Personally I suspect that both concepts may apply depending upon who is being addressed, recognizing that when some leave others remain. With both connotations possible, let’s reexamine God’s presentation in context, beginning and ending with Yisra’el...

“The children (beny) of Yisra’el, those Individuals who Engage and Endure with God (Yisra’el), shall actually continue to exist (hayah) prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah ( ) of vast array of spiritual messengers and envoys (shaba’). (17:3)

And (wa) it will actually come to pass (hayah) in that day (ba ha yowm) that the size of (ha huw’ kabowd) Ya’aqob (Ya’aqob) shall be decreased to the point of no longer being sustainable (dalal), and (wa) the fattest, best protected, and most important midsection (mashman) of his body (basar) shall be leaned, shrinking in size (razeh). (17:4)

And (wa) it shall be (hayah) like (ka) gathering in and receiving (‘acaph) of a harvest, reaping the grain from the chaff in season, cutting it away so as to remove it from a vexing time of grief (qatsyr) thereby establishing and validating the standing grain (qamah).

And with (wa) His Sacrificial Lamb, His strong arm and ability to shoulder burdens, and His visible appearance as light (zarowa’), He will be collecting and harvesting (qatsyr) the first fruits (shibolym). And (wa) it shall be (hayah) as (ka) a gleaning, a smaller secondary harvest (laqat), of ears of grain (shibolym) in (ba) the valley (‘emeq) of Rapha’ym, in the midst of souls destined to die (Raphq’ym). (17:5)

So (wa) in him [in Ya’aqob, Yisra’el, and the Covenant] (ba), there will be those who leave (sha’ar – there will be those who will live and those who will be left behind, remaining as part of a group for a duration of time (the niphal perfect consecutive indicates that each individual will be harvested or left based upon the choices they have made regarding these)), gleanings, smaller secondary harvests (‘olelah), as in going around, as in encompassing and shaking off, as a means of harvesting (ka naqap) an olive tree (zayth): two or three (shanaym shalowsh) ripe olives (gargar) in the top uppermost (ba ro’sh) branch (‘amyr), four or five (‘arba’ chamesh) on the fruitful branches which are separated (ba ca’yph parah), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah ( ), God (‘elohym) of Yisra’el, of those individuals who engage and endure with God (Yisra’el).” (17:6)

Since the picture being drawn before and after sha’ar depicts a smaller secondary gleaning, those being harvested are “leaving.” They “will live” while others “will remain, being left behind.” Ya’aqob is thereby being used to describe Yisra’elites in general, most of whom will be left, as well as the Covenant, all of whom will leave.

Since the Earth’s population will be around seven billion people at this time, if God is depicting seven thousand “olives” from both the “uppermost / choicest” and “cut-off branches” being called home, then we have yet another affirmation of the “thousands” figure denoting the quantity of those saved in the Second Statement Yahowah etched in stone. There, He revealed that thousands, which is one in a million people alive today, would receive His mercy by observing the conditions of His Covenant.

A third, larger, and final harvest will follow some seven years or more later when Yahuwdah and Yisra’el unite in their love of Yahowah on the Miqra’ of Yowm Kippurym in the Yowbel Year of 6000 Yah (October 2nd at sunset in 2033). This will transpire upon His return when the Covenant will be renewed and reaffirmed. And best of all, Yahowah will personally write His Towrah on the hearts of His children, integrating His Guidance into the fabric of our lives. It is something He can do then, but cannot do now because it would forestall freewill. Up to that point, all humanity retains the options of ignoring, rejecting, negating, corrupting, or accepting the Towrah’s Guidance.

God tells us that the experience in Heaven for those who will have been gleaned will be radically different from what we are currently experiencing on earth. There will be no traces of religion...

“In that specific day (ba ha yowm ha huw’ – on this, His day), this man (ha ‘adam – from Adam, the first man conceived in God’s image) will genuinely regard and always accept (sha’ah – he will actually pay attention to and continually favor, receiving an ongoing gift which makes him acceptable from (in the qal stem and imperfect conjugation, the perspective is genuine and the attitude is everlasting regarding)) the Almighty (‘al), his maker (‘asah – his creator, the One who engaged and acted on his behalf), and (wa) his eyes (‘ayn – his perspective, focus, and observations) will continuously look (ra’ah – he will genuinely and always gaze upon, seeing, perceiving, considering, and developing an understanding (qal imperfect)) toward God (‘el), the Set Apart One (qadowsh – the separated, cleansing, and purifying) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el – of Individuals who Engage and Endure with God).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:7)

Please notice that “ha ‘adam – this man” is a singular individual. This depiction is common throughout the Towrah and Prophets because the path to Yahowah is single file. The man or woman who walks to God goes against the crowd. Few find this stunningly unpopular path. As few as one in a million individuals answer God’s invitations to meet with Him.

Yahowah is not suggesting that this gleaning of Covenant’s children during Taruw’ah will cause people to “genuinely regard and accept” Him, because the vast preponderance will continue to reject Yahowah, favoring gods made by men rather than the Creator of men. But the one thing all of those headed home will have in common is that they will have accepted the terms and conditions of the Covenant, thereby disassociating themselves from religion while recognizing Yahowah as their Father, their God, their Creator, and their Savior.

For the heirs to the Covenant, the members of the First Family, God’s children, there will no longer be any illusions, no false gods, no religious deceptions, no platitudes from politicians. All of this corruptive rubbish will be discarded in favor of a perfect place and relationship.

“So then (wa) he shall never accept or gaze (lo’ sha’ah – he will never regard, he will not ever actually consider, behold, or look (qal imperfect)) upon (‘al (rendered from the DSS)) the altars (ha mizbeach – the religious sites of slaughter and sacrifice), these works (ma’aseh – their actions and deeds, their pursuits and achievements (rendered from the DSS)) representing what fingers have made (‘asher ‘asah ‘etsba’). They will not focus upon (lo’ ra’ah – they will not see, look to, pay attention to, or consider (rendered from the DSS)) either (‘ow (rendered from the DSS)) Asherah (ha ‘Asherah – the consort of the Lord Ba’al (a.k.a. Satan), a popularly worshiped pagan and mythological Babylonian, Assyrian, and Canaanite mother-earth goddess upon which the Roman Catholic religious festival of Easter Sunday was conceived, the idol the Madonna and Child statues and altars were built to emulate, the pole upon which the Christian cross was derived, and the basis of the Christmas celebration and tree; also known as Astarte and Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of God; from ‘ashar – to pronounce blessed, to receive blessings, to relieve suffering, and to make happy) or the (wa ha) worship of sun-god images (chaman – sun pillars used in idolatrous pagan worship where incense is commonly burned; from chamah – to be aroused by the sun).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:8)

This report is either devastating or affirming, depending upon a person’s faith or lack thereof. For a believer, this is the worst possible news because God is saying that there will be no signs of religion in heaven. All traces of these ill-conceived and misleading schemes will be expressly forbidden. But for the descendants of Ya’aqob, for a child of the Covenant, and thus one of those gleaned, this statement affirms something we’ve already accepted and embraced. The Covenant’s lone prerequisite is to walk away from our country, from Babylon, which Yahowah defines as corrupting and deadly religious and political schemes.

This statement also provides a contrast. Heaven will be markedly different from the world these fortunate individuals will be leaving. One is filled with religious imagery and the other has none. This not only demonstrates that religion leads away from God rather than to Him, but also that God cannot save the preponderance of people. If He did, if He allowed the religious and political into heaven, it would quickly devolve into hell – becoming no different than what these deadly and destructive institutions have done to ruin life on earth.

Asherah was also called Astarte and Ishtar by the Babylonians. She was named Isis by the Egyptians, Helena by the Helens (Greeks), and Venus by the Romans. She was Lord Ba’al’s lover in ancient mythology. And Ba’al, the most commonly used Hebrew word for “lord,” is Yahowah’s name for Satan. This is because the Adversary’s ambition is to lord over, to control, and to possess humankind, deceiving the masses into bowing down and worshipping him.

The religious myths claim that Asherah was impregnated by Lord Ba’al in the guise of the sun, so in her maternal role, she has been worshipped throughout time as the Madonna with Child. This goddess is called the Mother of God and the Queen of Heaven. Impregnated during the Sunday nearest the Spring Equinox, today’s Easter, she is said to have given birth to god, the son of the sun, on the Winter Solstice, today’s Christmas. So while all Christians celebrate her holidays, Catholics and orthodox Christians the world over demonstrate additional reverence to her when they light candles in front of their Madonna statues and when they repeat their ritual Hail Mary prayers.

So that this affinity with Christianity is not missed, it should be noted that Asherah’s most noted religious festival, Easter Sunday, occurs when the sun is in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. And so nine months later, god’s birthday was celebrated annually on the Winter solstice, today’s Christmas. The name of our planet was derived from a blend of Asherah and Astarte. Mother Nature references are allusions to this goddess as well. Her pictogram is now the scientific symbol for woman—the combination of a circular sun disc and a cross.

To keep all of this in perspective, remember that Satan wants to be worshipped as god. He does not want to be known as “the Adversary,” but instead as “the Lord” – the most common religious substitution for Yahowah’s name. That puts him in a position of power and influence over mankind. As the “Lord,” the masses bow down to him when they worship him. So like all of Satan’s schemes, Asherah helps the “Ba’al – Lord” reinforce his deception by advancing the notion that there is a Queen of Heaven. Beyond this, when she conceives the Lord’s son as the Mother of God, these pagan religious myths provide credence to the deception that has become Christianity. With every stroke, Satan repositions himself as a god rather than the “Adversary.”

In this regard, we should not be surprised that the basis of Asherah’s name is meant to be misleading and serve as a counterfeit. ‘Ashar means “to pronounce blessing.” It is why Catholics refer to “Mary” as the “Blessed Virgin” and “Blessed Mother.” It is why they chant “Hail Mary full of Grace. The Lord has blessed thee.” It is why they seek to “receive blessings” from her, including “relief from suffering” in Catholic Purgatory.

Most every aspect of Roman Catholicism is based upon the Babylonian and Assyrian sun-god religion. The papacy, hierarchal church order, nuns, fathers, and monks, the adoration of Mary, the notion God has a mother, the Rosary, Sunday worship, the Mass, confessions, bowing down, the sign and symbol of the cross, the golden sunburst icons placed on their altars, most of their priestly apparel, including the pope’s hat, infant baptism, purgatory, holy water, wax candles, incense, steeples, saints, Lent, Easter, Christmas, calling God “Lord,” and especially the Trinity, are all examples of religious rites, customs, and terms conceived in Babylon rather than the Word. The religious traditions of a decorated Christmas tree (‘asherah means “grove of tall trees), the wreath, Yule log, mistletoe, Santa’s names (including St. Nick), Santa’s job, and his costume, the Easter Bunny, dyed eggs dipped in the colors of Spring, the Easter ham, and hot cross buns are all direct derivatives of the Babylon sun-god religion. Fortunately, these are all things which have no place in heaven.

Elsewhere in His Torah and Prophets, Yahowah speaks of “the poles of Asherah worship.” These religious relics were later incorporated into Christianity as the Christmas tree and the Christian cross. Shia Muslims, based upon Muhammad’s testimony, still celebrate Ashura Day, named in honor of this pagan goddess—somewhat strange for a religion which claims to be monotheistic. But then again, Satan covets a bride.

Before we move on, chaman also addresses the “worship of sun gods.” Today we see chaman in obelisks like the Washington Monument and that found at the center of the Vatican, and also church steeples. Many Christian crosses bring all of this together when crosses incorporate the circular disc of the sun in their design. Even “church” draws from this heritage because Chirche, from whom we also derive the English word “circle,” was a sun goddess.

These revelations create a special problem for many living in the United States. America’s most enduring political symbols are sun god related. On the secular side, these include the national and presidential eagle image, Washington’s, Jefferson’s, and Madison’s tombstones, the Statue of Liberty, and the pyramid and eye on the nation’s currency. They are an abomination to Yahowah. More important still, those showing patriotic allegiance to such symbols will be excluded from heaven.

“In that specific day (ba ha yowm ha huw’), it shall come to be (hayah – will actually exist for an ongoing period (qal imperfect)) that the cities of (‘iyr – populations centers and inhabited places, anguishing anxiety and alarming terror) his refuge and his defensive fortifications (ma’owz – protective forces and systems) shall be abandoned (‘azab – will be deserted and neglected, forsaken and left alone) like an occult presence in the thicket and as if drugged (ka cheresh – an enchanted area of sorcery amongst the undergrowth and wooded areas, with mind-altering incantations and biological agents; from charash – to cut down while preparing potions devised to silence), and then (wa) the uppermost branch of the olive (‘amyr – the treetop on the summit of the mountain) therefore (‘asher) will be completely deserted for a time (‘azab – will be totally freed and actually released (qal perfect)).

Because of (min – out of and from) the presence of (paneh – the face of and confronting) the children (ben – sons) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el – Individuals who Engage and Endure with God), then (wa) appalling desolation and stupefying ruin (shamamah – a stunning and astonishing deflowering of the tree, horrible devastation leaving these places ravaged and temporarily uninhabitable, completely deserted, and desolate so that a wasteland) will exist (hayah – as a result of the choices made, for a period of time, it (in the feminine singular addressing shamamah – desolation and / or ‘azab – the deserted upper branches of the olive) will actually exist for a while as a result of the perpetrator’s choices (qal perfect consecutive)).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:9)

This indicates that the Taruw’ah harvest will spare the Covenant’s children from having to endure these astonishingly horrible assaults against Yisra’el. Also, after Yahowah’s children are gone, Satanic rhetoric will accompany the deployment of biological weapons to devastate much of the nation, leaving it uninhabitable for a time. Therefore, those left behind will endure hell on earth.

Then changing pronouns from third person to second person, Yahowah gets personal...

 “Indeed because (ky – branded by another, rather) you have completely ignored and have actually forgotten, becoming totally ignorant of (sakah – you have overlooked and lost track of, no longer remembering and thus improperly responding to (qal perfect)) the God (‘elohym – the Mighty One) of your salvation and deliverance (yasha’ – your Savior) and (wa) the Rock (tsuwr – the bedrock, the high fortress enclosure, the rocky summit of the mountain) of your protection and refuge (ma’owz – of your safety in a stronghold on high ground, keeping you safe from danger; from ‘azaz – making you strong and enabling you to prevail). You do not remember nor mention (lo’ zakar – you do not recall, regard, or respond to, you do not publicly assert the truth about) the Most High (‘al – Almighty).

Therefore (ken – likewise) you plant (nata’ – you establish, causing to be rooted into the ground, setting up, building, and embedding a temporary residence by pitching a tent for) the Lord’s (na’amanym – an epithet for Adonis, meaning Lord (from ‘adony); a pleasant appearing, beautiful, and desired, and yet misunderstood pagan wound in the garden of Adonis’) vines (neta’ – vineyard, acting as a husbandman to arrange and nurture a garden or residence which is built representing the unfaithful home of religious misunderstanding). And you continually sow (zara’ – you routinely scatter the seed, creating the offspring of (qal imperfect)) an illegitimate, unauthorized, and loathsome means to estrangement (wa zar – a nauseating alien and foreign; from zuwr – to estrange through harlotry) via a vine branch that needs to be pruned (zamowrah – a shoot or twig which requires pruning; from zamar – to trim away).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:10)

Throughout the Torah and Prophets several things become both obvious and irrefutable. Among them, losing sight of what Yahowah has revealed to us in His Towrah leads to disaster, to death and destruction. Yahowah, Himself, is our Savior. Yahowah’s nature, His plan, and His Word never change, making His promises rock solid.

It should be noted here that God is not punishing His wayward children. But He is not protecting them either, at least at this moment.

Tsuwr, translated “the Rock,” speaks of the rocky top of Mount Horeb that blazed with Yahowah’s light during the time He was conveying His Towrah to His children. Tsuwr alludes to the non-eroding rock-solid and unchanging nature of Yahowah’s testimony and to the enduring validity of His promises.

Tsuwr also plays an essential role in one of Yahowsha’s most misquoted and misunderstood statements. The Disciple Shim’own answered the question, “Who do you say that I am,” with: “You are the Ma’aseyah (the Work of Yahowah), the Son of God.” This question, the Disciple’s answer, and also Yahowsha’s subsequent reply were all spoken in their native tongue, in Hebrew, in the language of God. Recognizing this, Yahowsha’ exclaimed, “‘Al ze’th tsuwr y-banah y-miqra’ey,” which means: “Upon this Rock, I will build My Invitations to be Called Out and Meet.” Yahowsha’ did not rename Shim’own “Peter,” and He did not say anything about “establishing his church.” But He did say that He was responsible for establishing His Miqra’ey on the rock upon which the Towrah was revealed.

The third of God’s four sentences in this divine pronouncement goes well beyond suggesting that Yisra’elites would forget Yahowah, their Savior, ignoring Him. He is accurately predicting that Yisra’elites would promote the Adversary. Na’amanym is an epithet for Adonis, one derived from the Hebrew “‘adon – lord.” Adonis was the Greek god of beauty and desire. His mythology features the sowing of seasonal gardens. And that is the basis of this reference, explaining how we have come to associate na’amanym nata’ with Adonis, the Lord.

Adonis, under a variety of names, is a central figure in most religious mythologies. Adonis’s death, like the dying of the Christian god, kept the Lord forever young, youthful, and beautiful – and thus more appealing than the father of the gods. Not only is the Christian “Jesus” designed to serve as a more appealing replacement for the god of the Old Testament, keep in mind that Satan, represented by the Lord, is physically beautiful and appears desirable.  

Adonis became the model for the Christian Christ with his annual death and rebirth. Also telling, this mythical god is said to have become mortal. In this light, Adonis is a derivative of the Babylonian Tammuz, the Assyrian Ba’al, and the Egyptian Osiris, even the Greek Dionysus and Roman Bacchus. Adonis, like Tammuz, was killed by a wild boar, and like Nimrod (the forerunner of Tammuz), he was considered a mighty hunter. His violent death became the foundation for the Yisra’elite propensity to weep for Tammuz. It is the myth which underlies the Roman Catholic devotion to Lent. Hauntingly, when the Lord (Adonis) died, his blood was said to bring forth new life, just as it does in the Christian religion – a belief system also conceived and promoted by Jews.

In this regard, according to the Greeks, Adonis was born in Byblos, just as the legend of the Christian “Jesus” was authored by Sha’uwl / Paul in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The son of Phoenix, he was conceived to die and be resurrected.

In Walter Burkert’s Greek Religion, we read affirmations that directly tie into Yahowah’s prophecy regarding Adonis and the religious worship of the Lord, especially in the context of planting and sowing: “Women sit by the gate weeping for Tammuz, or they offer incense to Ba’al on rooftops and plant pleasant plants. These are the very features of the Adonis legend: which is celebrated on flat rooftops on which seeds are sown which quickly germinate, creating Adonis gardens...where the climax is loud lamentation for the dead god.”

As was the case with Asherah, the Adonis cult “provided an opportunity for the unbridled expression of emotion in the strictly circumscribed life of women...in accordance with the festivals of Demeter,” according to Walter Burkert. Demeter was a mother-earth goddess associated with the harvest. She presided over “the sacred law and the cycle of life and death.”

It is also telling that the Feast of Adonis, celebrated in the Spring, coincides with Passover. It celebrated the death and resurrection of Adonis in complete harmony with the Christian Easter. According to William Smith in A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities: “It was celebrated over two days. On the first, statues of Adonis were laid out as corpses and the faithful observed all of the rites customary at funerals, beating themselves and uttering lamentations, imitating the cries of Venus (the Roman name of Asherah) over the death of her lover. The second day was spent in merriment and feasting because Adonis was allowed to return to life.” This is remarkably similar to the Christian festivals of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Moreover, considering where this prophecy began, the Adonis cult migrated from Athens to Syria in the 2nd century CE. Also telling, in 270 BCE, Theocritus describes a public and state-sponsored Adonis festival in Alexandria, Egypt.

Therefore, it is the religious tendency to promote Satan and the Lord that Yahowah was lamenting. As a result of advancing the interests of the Adversary, the Yisra’elites would receive a devastating blow from their enemies. This is what will lead to them being pruned and cause them to remain estranged a while longer.

Yisra’elites pushed Yahowah aside because He got in the way of their religion. They isolated and deceived themselves with all manner of religious arguments and political deceptions.

“In that day (ba yowm), you raise (suwg – you make grow, controlling and increasing every aspect of) your garden (neta’ – your tending of your planting). And in the (wa ba ha) early part of the day (boqer – morning), your seed (zera’ – your means to propagate life, your offspring and children) will bud and sprout (parach – blossom and bloom), reaping (qasyr – harvesting) a shaken and corrupt heap which is piled up and will be thrust aside (ned – an aimless mound; from nuwd – to waver and wander, to take flight while grieving, tottering while bemoaning).

In the daytime (ba yowm), there will be weakness, affliction, and tribulation (chalah – internal wounds, suffering, and disease, travail and grieving) including (wa) the influence of incurable (‘anash – the onset of woeful and desperate, even desperately wicked and incapacitating) physical pain and mental anguish (ka’eb – emotional sorrow and mental suffering, disappointment and disaster).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:11)

As is the case with Yahowah’s instructions regarding what’s good and what’s bad for us to eat, God is using a variety of examples to demonstrate that those who consume garbage, especially in the form of bad ideas, will get sick and die. He is therefore warning us to be careful regarding the seeds we plant because they can have the same effect. He isn’t talking about gardens, although there is merit in comparing His Garden of Eden to mankind’s poisoned and modified produce. God is letting us know that we have sown the weeds that have choked out productive life on this planet.

Specifically, since Yahowsha’ told us that the fig tree, which represents Yisra’el, will sprout as a result of Yisra’elites returning to their Land, He is indicating that the agricultural revolution they brought to the parched earth will be short lived. Having sown the seeds of dissent, they will reap the pain of separation. Estranged from God, aligned with evil, Israel’s initial success will give way to mental anguish and physical pain as their world crumbles around them. Unlike the few who are gleaned, they will endure the full brunt of the Tribulation.

This next prophetic statement alerts us to the impending peril of the Magog War – the final worldwide Islamic assault against Israel. Beginning in what I think will be the Spring of 2027, this tidal wave of terrorism will be worse than the combined conquests of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans. It will be more pervasive and vicious than the Holocaust. With these words, we are witnessing the prologue to World War...

 “Woe, be wary of (howy – alas, expressing dissatisfaction in a declaration of impending judgment often as part of a prophetic warning) a great many nations (rabym ‘amym – a multitude of compatriots and kinsmen related by race, religion, or culture) roaring in hoards of agitated terrorists (hamown – multitudes of confused and loudmouthed militants flaunting their abundant wealth clamoring emotionally in massively disorderly riots, enraged and crying out in turmoil) similar to (ka – as, like, akin to, and corresponding to) loudly groaning (hamah – the confused and chaotic uproar and disturbing snarling growl, the angry and intoxicated yearnings and enraged wailing lament of surging) seas (yamym – bodies of water (as opposed to the Land and thus serving as a metaphor for gowym – Gentiles)).

They will wail (hamah – they groan in agitated and anguished screams, snarling like confused and chaotic terrorists), and (wa) the roar of the societal chaos (sha’own – the crying out in a horrible uproar as things crash down around the rebellious, confused, political, and religious brawling terrorists in ruin) of the people of these nations (la’om – of these population groups which gather together) will be like (ka – similar to) the horrible uproar (sha’own – the brawling and crying out of the flood of rebellious and confused and the loud roar) of the waters (maym – of the floodwaters). Intensely and in great numbers (kabyr – in abundance and intertwined with grating passion), they will continually strive to desolate and lay waste (sha’ah – they always want to ruin everything they touch, destroying themselves in the process (niphal imperfect paragogic)).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:12)

There are several ways to interpret Yahowah’s repetitive references to the seas and floodwaters. The first is obvious from the immediate context, as it reflects the nature of water. Tsunami waves may be the most destructive force on earth, and stormy seas, particularly those driven by massive storms, roar ashore, flooding and eroding everything in their path. Nearly as deadly, floodwaters are often widespread, massive in scope, unstoppable, and devastating. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that this predicted attack on Israel is going to be perpetrated by vast multitudes of people coming into the Land wave after wave, loudmouthed, relentless, and awesomely destructive. They will be unstoppable, inundating the land, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

The second option is nearly certain. It stems from the symbolic distinction Yahowah often makes between the land and the sea, with the Land representing Yisra’el and the sea denoting the Gentile nations. As such, the reference reveals a collective attack by Gowym against Yahuwdym.

The third consideration is tactical, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least present it for your consideration. Since Yahowah has said that a multitude of people from a great number of nations will flood into Yisra’el, we would be wise to envision a seaborne invasion from all directions – the militants crashing into the land in waves. Under this scenario, many will come from the west aboard ships sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. These militants will have been indoctrinated to despise Israel in Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Cyprus – all of which exist along the Great Sea. France, Spain, and Italy are home to more than eight million Muslims. Also the Baltic nations around the Mediterranean have large Islamic populations, especially Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo. But let’s not rule out Islamic jihadists from the Caucasus who will likely sail across the Black Sea and through the Bosporus Straits into the Aegean Sea before washing ashore in the Promised Land. The nations they hail from might include Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, or Chechnya. Then from the south, sailing up the Red Sea, we might expect jihadists from Somalia, the Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

And while that covers the Muslims who may approach from the Seas, we should also consider the floodwaters. In Israel, there is but one floodplain, and it is found in the northeast part of the country in Galilee, just below the Syrian Golan Heights. Through this now vulnerable portal, we might expect millions of mujahedeen from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

There is one final potentiality; one I hope isn’t accurate. But since this chapter delineates the negative consequences of American intervention, and the next adroitly describes the United States geographically, culturally, politically, and militarily, there is reason to suspect that the U.S. Navy and Air Force will engage against Israel and in support of its Islamic political, military, and economic allies throughout the region. It is a very small step from providing Israel’s enemies with copious amounts of the world’s deadliest weapons and using them. So while I pray this does not happen, I would not be surprised if America not only supported the Islamic action against Israel, just as the British did in 1948 and 1967, but also launched its own strikes after that war is lost by the mujahedeen.

There are 1.5 billion Muslims, far too many of whom are jihadists. They are the majority in 50 nations, controlling those places, while influencing the rest of the world with their carrot and stick: OPEC oil and terrorism. In massive and vociferous armies, they have sought to destroy Israel four times, during the Holocaust during the 1930s, in 1948, 1967, and 1974. And yet according to this prophecy, their most egregious assault is still on our horizon, a war that will follow a peace treaty that renders the Israel indefensible.

Now if you think that I’m being a bit presumptuous in identifying the “roaring hoards of agitated terrorists” who “continually strive to ruin everything they touch, destroying themselves in the process” as “Muslims,” remember that the past is the best predictor of the future. Their previous campaigns over the last 1400 years, and especially during the most recent 70, leave little doubt that those who assail Israel the loudest, those who have pledged to destroy the nation, those who commit 99% of today’s terrorist acts, those whose militaries have been equipped for this very mission, and those that have attempted this very thing multiple times are those being depicted in this prophecy. Muslims were given a reason to die by Muhammad, not live, a reason to destroy by Allah, not build, so this battle is inevitable.

Mujahedeen by the tens of millions, looting, destroying, and killing everything in sight while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” will once again attempt to destroy God’s land and people. And sadly, much of their devastation will be caused by American weapons because the United States is the world’s leading merchant of death.

Yahowah’s prophetic words are selected with precision, so subtle nuances become particularly important when various terms are used to describe similar events. There are many important shadings here which should not be overlooked. We have been told that multitudes will scream and lay waste. With pomp and tumult, the Islamic jihadists from nations the world over will roar against and destroy everything in their path, devastating themselves in the process. This sounds a lot like the carnage we are currently witnessing in Syria, which we have been told will be the prelude to this war. The cries of the mujahedeen will be as loud and relentless as the raging of the sea. Devoid of morals, confused and enraged by their religion, these Muslims will take what is not theirs and destroy what they do not take. It is gang mentality manifest in religion and politics on a massive scale.

This prophetic vision was horrific, so Yahowah must have been pained to share these words with us. A demonic and deadly religious plague was running rampant and unchecked in His earthly home.

“The people of these nations (la’om – the population groups which gather together) will be like (ka – similar to) the horrible uproar (sha’own – the brawling and crying out of the rebellious and confused, the riotous loud roar and chaos, and the rumbling of an enormous quantity) of the waters (maym – of the floodwaters). Massively great (rab – widespread and abundant) will be their devastation and desolation (sha’ah – shall be their desire to ruin everything while they strive to lay waste, giddy in the process, as they crash into the land as a massive and raging storm, the blaring  and fearsome noise they make as they rush along at great speed destroying (niphal imperfect paragogic)).

But (wa) He will rebuke them, issuing a warning against them while criticizing their corruption (ga’ar ba – He will disapprove and reprimand them, accusing them of wrongdoing, exposing and admonishing them (rendered from the DSS)). And so (wa) they will be forced to flee (nuwc – they will take flight as a result of being driven back hastily, and shall be caused to disappear (qal stem, perfect conjugation, consecutive mood)) on account of being alienated (min merchaq – being removed and distanced from afar to a place far away).

And they will be chased (wa radaph – so then he will be pursued and driven away) just as the chaff (ka mowts – like husks or non-fruit part of the grain that is discarded) on the hills (harym – associated with the elevated heights and mountains), before the approaching presence (la paneh) of the Spirit (ruwach), and like (wa ka) a tumbleweed (galgal – or a chariot wheel as part of a troop transport) before the approaching presence (la paneh) of the storm (cuwphah – the gale, tempest, and whirling wind).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:13)

Simply stated: Muslims are going to act heinously and be extremely destructive and deadly. They will roar into Yisra’el like a massive flood, akin to a tidal wave, but then Yahowah is going to blow them away. Bellowing “Allahu Akbar! – Allah is Greater” believing that they are killing in the cause of their wannabe god, the one true God will pursue them, sending them into oblivion.

But you’ll notice that while Yahowah’s Set-Apart Spirit is going stop the Islamic assault, blowing the invading Muslims out of His Land, another storm is approaching. I suspect that this is indicative of the first and second phases of the Magog War. According to Yahowsha’s testimony in Revelation, one in four people on earth, perhaps representing the entire Islamic population, will succumb initially – annihilated by God. But then an even more devastating storm is going to devour a third of those who remain, because it appears based upon what follows, that America is going to engage, turning a regional conflict into World War. 

Yahowah is not the least bit tolerant of religion, politics, or militarism, nor the economic endeavors which prosper as a result of these things, especially when they are inspired by the Adversary and seek to destroy His people, His land, and His purpose. These Muslims, aided as they are by the West, will be as repulsive and destructive as the world has ever seen, devastating everything in their path – all in the name of the most militaristic religion and demonic god ever conceived by man. Corrupt beyond hope, Yahowah knows that if He does not intervene at this time and eradicate them, left to their own devices, these Islamic militants would destroy His Land and people, making all of Yisra’el uninhabitable.

However, as we shall learn, Yahowah only intervenes to save Yisra’el, not the rest of the world. And He only does so at the very last moment, hoping that His people will finally realize that they cannot defend themselves. He is not offering to protect the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East.

In this war, the odds in human terms are too great, with Muslims outnumbering Yisra’elites one hundred to one – 1.5 billion to 15 million. Equally revealing, while Israel has successfully defended itself against the unified rage of Islam in 1948, 1967, and 1974, this time, in what I suspect will be 2027, they will no longer have the capacity to do so. American weapons wielded by Muslims will turn the tide, requiring Yahowah to intervene. As I have stated, over the past decade the United States has provided twenty-five times more military hardware to Islamic nations than it has to Israel. These are odds that cannot be overcome.

Anti-Semitic rage will escalate worldwide, as will mankind’s propensity through propaganda and patriotism to turn this regional religious conflict into a global war. Anti-Jewish rhetoric is already on the rise in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It may even lead to a nuclear holocaust with Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia initiating the carnage and America responding, drawing Russia, China, and Europe into the fray. There will also be a series of devastating natural disasters, including an asteroid strike. It will be hell on earth.

According to the timeline Yahowah has provided, before the approaching storm of World War III, there will be an onslaught of Islamic terrorism. Many will die. And yet Muslims will fail in their attempt to destroy Israel. According to God, death and devastation will be the lot of those who loot and prey upon Yahowah’s favorite place and upon His chosen people.

Hauntingly, while Muslims try, America has been the only nation to successfully plunder Israel of her most valuable and important asset—her God-given gift: the Promised Land. The United States forced Israelis to give back the Sinai and Gaza, then Lebanon, followed by control of large swaths of the West Bank. America did it to sell arms to the Islamic nations and to buy oil more cheaply. This has earned the U.S. the wrath of God. He will soon warn America in this prophecy, a plea designed to encourage those who listen to Him to disassociate from the government and its military. Now is the worst time to be political and patriotic. Even today, March 3, 2014, as I type these words, a BBC headline reads: “President Barack Obama warned Israel of ‘international fallout’ if it does not accept the U.S. framework of a peace deal with the Palestinians.” This deal would reset the borders between Israel and a future “Palestinian” state, while determining the status of Jerusalem. It is the basis of the treaty that diminishes Israel in width at the nation’s midsection to less than five miles. Inexplicitly, America has positioned itself in direct opposition to God.

But we are getting ahead of Yahowah’s story. For now, He wants us to know that the next time Islamic jihadists attack Yisra’el en masse, He, Himself, will intervene to stop them abruptly.

“Approaching the timing (la ‘eth – nearing the point in time and occasion, upon the season and right time) of the Arab sunset (‘ereb – of evening, night, the close of the day when things grow dark (note: the same letters convey ‘Arab)), then behold (wa hineh – now look and see) terrorism (balahah – sudden and dreadful calamitous destruction perpetrated on civilian populations, fear educing destruction which results in the cessation of life in the name of Allah).

In the time before (ba terem – with the arrival of) the dawn (boqer – morning, the arrival of light, sunrise and daybreak, the next morning), he is gone (‘ayn – it is negated and for naught because he fails).

This (zeth) is the fate of those deceived regarding their merits (cheleq – this is what happens as a result of flattering propaganda, the reward and booty of those seeking territory, the share of what is apportioned to those who have been seduced) who plunder and pillage us (shacah – who engage militarily trying to conquer and rob us (qal)), and (wa) the lot (gowral – recompense and retribution of the choice) of those (la – coming to those) who seek to conquer us, carrying off the spoils of war (bazaz – who use force and engage in battle to prey upon us, seizing what belongs to us).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 17:14)

Rather than the “Arab Spring,” this is the “Arab Sunset,” the ultimate consequence of Islam’s destructive and deadly nature. The word ‘ereb, meaning “the lack of light,” is indistinguishable in the Hebrew text from ‘Arab, the desolate places and race universally associated with Islamic terrorism. As a result of Islam, “Arab” and “Muslim” are promoted as being synonymous and thus indistinguishable. This religion proves every day that Yahowah’s prophecies of it through Ishmael, were accurate. Running amuck around the world, it destroys everything in its path.

So not only is Arab synonymous with darkness, Allah’s name is found in the midst of the Hebrew word for “terror” – balahah. We should not surprised that Muslims following Allah’s Qur’anic orders are responsible for over 99% of the world’s terrorist acts.

Just as it is darkest right before the dawn, so it will be with the consequence of this horrid religion. Yahowah’s intervention through His Spirit will usher in a new day. Islam will be no more. All of Allah’s hate will be for naught.

In this light, it should be noted that the Qur’an’s 8th surah, appropriately called the “Spoils of War,” says: “Plunder is lawful and good.” Methinks Yahowah disagrees. That is why perhaps “cheleq – the fate of those deceived regarding their merits” defines the entire Qur’anic motivation for Islamic terrorism: the seductive promise of stolen booty in this world and of unending sexual favors in paradise in the next for those Muslims who terrorize on behalf of Allah. We have moved well beyond coincidence here. Yahowah is revealing that the terrorists will be Muslims fighting in Allah’s Cause. And He documented this in writing in 750 BCE, 1,350 years before Islam was invented, and 2,750 years before these Muslims would terrorize Israel on behalf of their wannabe god.

We have covered so much territory, I suspect that we would all benefit from a review. To keep our bearings and bring the 17th chapter to a close, remember that this prophecy began with the destruction of Damascus and fall of Syria, something which led to the process of thinning Yisra’el at the nation’s vital midsection. Next we witnessed a gleaning of the Covenant’s children prior to what appears to be a horrendous chemical or biological attack on the nation’s cities, resulting in deforestation and devastation. And all of this occurred because Yisra’elites came to rely upon themselves rather than Yahowah. These events were followed by an Islamic invasion of Israel, one so unrelenting and devastating, Yahowah will have to intervene to stop it.

With this in mind, let’s review where we have been...

“A prophetic pronouncement regarding (masa’) Damascus (Drameseq): behold (hineh), Damascus (Drameseq) is revolting and corrupt and will be removed from among inhabited cities. It is degenerate and unrestrained and shall be abolished (suwr min iyr). And (wa) she shall actually become (hayah) a twisted and tangled (ma’iy) heap of rubble (mapalah). (17:1)

Abandoned and forsaken, deserted and destroyed will be (‘azab) the inhabited regions and populated cities (‘iyr) of ‘Arow’er, speaking of the outcasts in Jordan and Lebanon (‘arow’er). For there will be (la hayah) roaming animals fighting in militant militias failing miserably (‘ader), but then (wa) there will be no one to terrorize (‘ayn charad). (17:2)

Then (wa) the fortified places and defensive structures (mibtsa’r) will cease to exist (shabath) on account of (min) the Northern Kingdom (‘Ephraym), along with (wa) the government (mamlakah) out of (min) Damascus (Drameseq), including (wa) the remnant (sa’ar) of Syria (‘Aram), for being similarly (ka) vehement and burdensome, fanatical and onerous, dimwitted and enraged (kabowd).

The children (beny) of Yisra’el, those Individuals who Engage and Endure with God (Yisra’el), shall actually continue to exist (hayah), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah ( ) of vast array of spiritual messengers and envoys (shaba’). (17:3)

And (wa) it will actually come to pass (hayah) in that day (ba ha yowm) that the size of (ha huw’ kabowd) Ya’aqob, a synonym for Israel (Ya’aqob), shall be decreased to the point of no longer being sustainable (dalal), and (wa) the fattest, best protected, and most vital midsection (mashman) of his body (basar) shall be leaned, shrinking in size (razeh). (17:4)

Then (wa) it shall be (hayah) like (ka) gathering in and receiving (‘acaph) of a harvest, of reaping the grain from the chaff in season, cutting it away so as to remove it from a vexing time of grief (qatsyr), thereby establishing and validating the standing grain (qamah). And with (wa) His Sacrificial Lamb, His strong arm and ability to shoulder burdens, His visible appearance as light (zarowa’), He will collect and harvest (qatsyr) the first fruits (shibolym). But (wa) it shall be (hayah) as (ka) a gleaning, a smaller secondary harvest (laqat) of ears of grain (shibolym) in (ba) the valley (‘emeq) of Rapha’ym, in the midst of souls destined to die (Raphq’ym). (17:5)

So (wa) in him [speaking of Ya’aqob, and thus Yisra’elites and the Children of the Covenant] (ba), there will be those who leave based upon the choices they have made (sha’ar), gleanings, smaller, secondary harvests (‘olelah), as in going around, encompassing, and shaking them off as a means of harvesting (ka naqap) an olive tree (zayth): two or three (shanaym shalowsh) ripe olives (gargar) in the top, uppermost (ba ro’sh) branch (‘amyr), four or five (‘arba’ chamesh) on her fruitful branches which have been separated (ba ca’yph parah), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah ( ), the Mighty One (‘elohym) of Yisra’el, of those individuals who engage and endure with God (Yisra’el). (17:6)

In that specific day (ba ha yowm ha huw’), this man who is a descendent of Adam (ha ‘adam) will genuinely regard and always accept (sha’ah) the Almighty (‘al), his Maker (‘asah), and (wa) his eyes (‘ayn) will actually and continually look (ra’ah) toward God (‘el), the Set-Apart One (qadowsh) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el). (17:7)

So then (wa) he shall never regard, accept, consider, nor look (lo’ sha’ah) upon (‘al) the religious altars (ha mizbeach), these works (ma’aseh) which fingers have made (‘asher ‘asah ‘etsba’). They will not focus upon (lo’ ra’ah) either (‘ow) the Asherah, the religious myth representing the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven who is associated with the Lord, Ba’al, with Easter, Christmas, and Christianity (ha ‘Asherah) or the (wa ha) worship of sun god images and resulting religious monuments (chaman). (17:8)

In that specific day (ba ha yowm ha huw’), it shall come to be (hayah) that the cities of (‘iyr) his [still addressing Ya’aqob’s, and thus Yisra’el’s] refuge and defensive fortifications (ma’owz) shall be abandoned (‘azab) like an occult presence in the thicket and as if drugged with mind-altering incantations or biological agents (ka cheresh). And then (wa) the uppermost branch of the olive (‘amyr) therefore (‘asher) will be completely deserted for a time (‘azab) because of (min) the presence of (paneh) the children (ben – sons) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el). And so (wa) appalling desolation and stupefying ruin, a stunning deforestation, horrible devastation leaving these places uninhabitable and deserted (shamamah) will exist for a time as a result of the choices made (hayah). (17:9)

Indeed, because, rather branded by another (ky), you have completely ignored and have actually forgotten, becoming totally ignorant of (sakah) the God (‘elohym) of your salvation and deliverance – Your Savior (yasha’) and (wa) the Rock (tsuwr) of your protection and refuge (ma’owz). You do not remember nor mention (lo’ zakar) the Most High (‘al).

Therefore (ken), you plant (nata’) the Lord’s (na’amanym) vines (neta’). And you continually sow (zara’) an illegitimate, unauthorized, and loathsome means to estrangement (wa zar) by way of a vine branch that needs to be pruned (zamowrah). (17:10) In that day (ba yowm), you raise (suwg) your garden (neta’). And in the (wa ba ha) early part of the day (boqer), your seed (zera’) will bud and sprout (parach), reaping (qasyr) a shaken and corrupt heap which is piled up and will be thrust aside (ned).

In the daytime (ba yowm), there will be weakness, affliction, and tribulation (chalah) including (wa) the influence of incurable and incapacitating (‘anash) physical pain and mental anguish (ka’eb). (17:11)

So, woe, be wary of (howy) a great many nations (rabym ‘amym) roaring like hoards of agitated terrorists, these multitudes of confused and loudmouthed militants flaunting what they possess (hamown), similar to (ka) the chaotic uproar of loudly snarling and growling (hamah) seas (yamym). They will wail in agitated and anguished screams (hamah), and (wa) the roar of the societal chaos (sha’own) of the people of these nations (la’om) will be like (ka) the horrible uproar (sha’own) of floodwaters (maym). Intensely and in great numbers with grating passion (kabyr), they will continually strive to desolate and lay waste (sha’ah). (17:12)

This massive number of people who gather together (la’om) will be like (ka) the horrible chaos and riotous roar (sha’own) of floodwaters (maym). Massively great, widespread, and abundant (rab) shall be their desire to destroy everything, giddy in the process, as they crash into the land as a raging storm (sha’ah).

But (wa) He will rebuke them, issuing a warning against them while criticizing their corruption (ga’ar ba). And so (wa) they will be forced to flee, taking flight as a result of being driven back, ultimately ceasing to exist (nuwc) on account of being alienated (min merchaq). They will be chased, pursued and driven away (wa radaph) similar to the chaff that dies and is discarded (ka mowts) on the hills (harym), before the approaching presence (la paneh) of the Spirit (ruwach), and like (wa ka) the chariot wheels of troop transports rolling like tumbleweeds (galgal) before the approaching presence (la paneh) of the storm (cuwphah). (17:13)

Approaching the point in time (la ‘eth) of the darkness of the Arab sunset (‘ereb), then behold (wa hineh): terrorism – the deliberate and dreadful mauling and murder of civilians to promote a political and religious objective (balahah). In the time before (ba terem) the dawn (boqer), it is over and for naught (‘ayn). This (zeth) is the fate of those deceived regarding their merits, the result of flattering propaganda, the reward for those coveting booty (cheleq) who engage in a military conquest to plunder and pillage us (shacah), and (wa) the lot, recompense and retribution (gowral), coming to those (la) who seek to conquer us, carrying off the spoils of war (bazaz).” (17:14)

Do you feel as I do that we have been given a copy of tomorrow’s newspaper? And since this 2700-year-old prophecy now appears inevitable, how is it that so many continue to stumble in the darkness hastening their own destruction in light of this stunning revelation?